Spay Day

What is SpayDay USA?

SpayDay USA is a nation-wide pet spay & neuter day to promote people to spay/neuter their pets. For more information log on to the Doris Day website at
Our county of SLO celebrates SpayDay USA from February 17th thru March 31st, when many of the veterinarians in our county lower their fees for pet spay/neuter. You can hear a listing of the veterinarians & organizations on the Feline Network Information Line that offer low-cost spay/neuter by calling 595-6612.

There will also be spay/neuter certificates available to help with the cost of spay/neutering your pet. Starting in February, the County Department of Animal Services will have $20.00 certificates available, call 781-4400 for more information.

Why Spay/Neuter my pet in the Month of February or March?

In the animal world, spring is the time for new babies to be born, so by spaying or neutering your pets in the month of February or March, your pets will not become one of the many pets who, unfortunately, have puppies or kittens, and add to the pet overpopulation problem, which adds to the unnecessary killing of adoptable and loving pet every year.

What is the Pet Overpopulation Problem?

The unnecessary killing of perfectly loving and adoptable dogs and cats at animal shelters, simply because so many are born unplanned or unwanted. For each puppy or kitten born, this displaces an other puppy, kitten, dog or cat waiting to be adopted at a shelter. There is only so much space at shelters, and there are only so many homes wanting pets.

Nationally, an estimated 5 million cats and dogs are killed in shelters each year. That=s one killed about every 6 seconds! Over 56% of dogs and puppies and 71% of cats and kittens entering shelters are killed every year in the United States alone.

Everyday cats and dogs are killed at the SLO County Animal Services Shelter. In 2002 a total of 411 dogs and 504 cats (915 total) were killed at the County Shelter. This means that shelter workers had to put to death 76 pets per month, or 2.5 pets killed everyday at tax-payers expense!

Good News! The number of pets killed at the SLO County Animal Services Shelter is going down every year! In 2000 euthanasia total was 1724, in 2001 euthanasia total was 1327 and in 2002 the euthanasia total was 915. The goal is to have the total to be zero, a no kill county!

Please participate in the SLO County SpayDay USA 2003 event. If your pets are already altered, then sponsor a neighbors=, a relatives, or a shelter pet’s spay or neuter.
Remember, every spay & neuter counts! Call 595-6612 for Low-Cost Pet Spay/Neuter Info. Sponsored by the Feline Network of the Central Coast.