Cat Care

tips for a happy cat

1. Spend time with your cats — brushing, petting and playing with them. Cats may seem aloof and independent, but they need attention from humans.

2. Cats are curious and easily bored. Provide some sort of new entertainment for your cat every day. You would be surprised how much fun an empty paper bag can create.

3. Remember, your cat is your responsibility. Just like a child, a cat is innocent. Your cat did not ask to be put in your home. You made that decision. Be sure to live up to your commitment by taking it to the vet for its shots and check-ups, providing it with food and fresh water daily, scooping its litter box daily and emptying the whole thing weekly, and devoting time out of your busy schedule to play with it.

4. Never forget the #1 ingredient for a happy cat: LOVE!

For information on low-cost spay/neuter services in our area, call 549-9CAT xt. 706.

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