Meet Snickerdoodle! He is less than six months old, and he has super soft like a bunny medium to longer hair, and he is a dark brown and black tabby.

Snickerdoodle has brilliant green eyes. He was rescued along with his brothers and sister off of Los Berros Road and upon arrival the litter was in very dire conditions. They all required vet care to get them over their rough and tumble beginnings. Snickerdoodle had a foot infection upon his arrival to us in August, which has been treated very successfully. Due to that injury, he may continue to have a slight limp when he walks. He can be seen running and jumping without even noticing this. All of his siblings have been adopted and finally, little Snickerdoodle has been released from vet care, and is ready to be adopted! Please consider Snickerdoodle if you are looking for a cat who will be on the smaller side. He may be the runt of the litter (under six pounds) but his sweetheart and amazing resilience will warm your heart as everyone who meets him falls in love with this little fellow! Snickerdoodle is very playful, sweet and inquisitive. Feline Network of the Central Coast has done all of the work, and he is fixed, tested, and he has even had all of his kitten shots! We include a free first vet visit voucher with his adoption. Snickerdoodle is being fostered in Arroyo Grande. Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 today to meet him!


Mongo the Magnificent!

Meet the magnificent Mongo.
Mongo is a HUGE less than 8 mo old (still a kitten) boy.
He is a tuxedo tabby with wonderful markings and a big bushy tail.
Mongo reminds me that he may be a Maine Coon mix, as he has some of their traits.
If you are looking for a snuggle buddy, look no further.
Mongo was a bottle-fed rescue, who is now looking for his forever home.
Please be familiar with cats, and in it for the long term!
He is an INSIDE ONLY cat, with wonderful inside habits and he has a super mellow chill disposition.
Mongo has been vet cleared, tested, neutered, and is up to date on vaccinations.
Our non-profit includes a FREE first vet visit voucher with all of our adoptions.

Call Roxanne for details (805) 801-5232

Minnie & Spunky  Two Kittens Available Now!

Spunky (male) and Minnie (female) are both short haired tabbies.
Spunky is high-energy but gentle, very friendly, very enthusiastic, extremely affectionate, playful, and a lot of fun.
Minnie is good energy, friendly, gentle, playful and sweet. She plays and interacts very well with Spunky.
Spunky must have another good energy, young cat or kitten to play with in the household.
Feline Network has taken all of the chores out of adopting kittens!
At the time they are adopted they are all litter box trained, vet checked, tested, fixed and up to date on vaccinations.
They have also been loved on and raised in a home by people who love them.
We are looking for cat loving long term homes.
A nominal rehoming fee applies.
We charge sixty dollars for a single kitten, or for a pair a total of only eighty dollars.
We also include a FREE first vet visit voucher with every adoption.
Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232  or email today!

Sugar & Betty  *Bonded Teenagers Seeking Home Big Enough for Two!

These two rescued kittens are now available for adoption.
Our non-profit feline rescue group has lovingly fostered these kittens.
Please consider one or even BOTH of them.

They are just about six months old and have been vet checked, tested and fixed. They are also up to date on vaccinations. Litter box perfect too.

About Us:
Sugar- is a black and white short-haired shy boy. He does love to get petted and will require a little bit of patience from his adopters before he comes out of his shell. Sweet boy!

Betty- is a black and white short-haired more independent girl.
She likes being petted and is a great foil for her shy brother!
This pair is becoming more and more social together and would make sure sweet companions for someone. They would do best in a quieter environment and would love to have someone around most of the time 🙂

Nominal rehoming fee of $60.00 for a single kitten or $80.00 total for a pair.
Our rescue provides a FREE FIRST VET VISIT VOUCHER with every adoption.

Adopt a rescue today!

Contact Roxanne for more information at (805) 801-5232.

Bobtail Kittens! Adopt Now!

Cutest little litter with adorable tails are ready for their homes.

Meet this black + white litter! This litter of little ones is about 4 months old, and they are ready for their homes. Though personalities vary, they are all so sweet, curious, playful, gentle, and loving.

Outgoing and friendly too. They love one another and play endlessly!

They also love their foster mama and they love it when she pets them. They also love rubbing against her legs, and playing with any sort of cat toy that they may find.

A number of them have funny unusual tails in common — they vary in length, and some are stubby, some crooked or bent!   Cute little characteristics that have no impact on their physical well-being … just makes them even cuter!

ch group.JPEG

About Us:

ch ace1


Ace- All black male. He loves to be held, he has a half size stubby tail but a full size heart 🙂



ch chloe1.JPG





Chloe- Black and White medium haired tuxedo female, loves attention and very sweet and loving!










ch dexter1.JPEG




Dexter- Black and White tuxedo male, friendly sweet and loves attention!




ch maggie 1






Maggie- Black and White shorter haired female, loves attention, lap time and being held.









ch flower.JPEG


Flower- Black and White shorter-haired male with a short stubby tail. He loves being comfy on cushions and follows his foster mom everywhere.






Have you considered adopting two kittens?  There are too many benefits to list!

Kitten siblings are amazing together … they keep each other company, they tucker each other out, they aren’t lonely, they play together, they provide hours of free entertainment … kittens are simply happier when adopted in pairs!

Feline Network charges $60.00 for a ready to go kitten (vet cleared, tested, fixed, vaccinated, and litter box trained), and if you are big-hearted and want to add a bonded littermate for a pair adoption then it is a total of $80.00. 🙂

We also include a FREE first vet-check voucher. Call Roxanne for info (805) 801-5232




Yard and Garage Cats

Do you want to rid your yard or garage of pesky critters? Our hardworking felines will scare them away in no time. Then they will look beautiful in your space as they keep patrol.

We have spayed/neutered healthy cats with shots that may be skittish but need safe homes with some kind of shelter from the elements. Feed and water them daily and they won’t let you down.