Cindy & Lil LuLu – Clover Kittens

These two sisters are guaranteed to bring good luck to the homes that adopt them!

They are recent rescues, finally ready for their forever homes!
Cindy and Lil LuLu are sure to warm your hearts, and win you over with their darling purr-sonalities! They have been exposed to small dogs and adult cats and are totally cool with it. If you are a cat-loving long term home, we would love for you to meet them.
They are ready for adoption today.
We prefer to adopt them together.
Ideally Cindy & Lil LuLu together and then Emma & Daisy together.These girls are litter box trained, vet cleared, tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia, spayed, and treated for fleas etc.
A small rehoming fee applies, but they do come with a voucher for a FREE first vet visit.
Meet Cindy:
Beautiful, black, Medium Hair, girl. She is about three months old. She has three sisters who look up to her. She is very nurturing and motherly to her sisters. She is very playful and loving. She loves people of all ages and doesn’t mind the two small dogs and adult cats in her foster home. She is all ready for a new adventure. As much as she would love to be adopted with one of her siblings, She will adapt to a home with other pets and children.
Meet LuLu: 
She is a beautiful brown tabby with mesmerizing eyes.
When she gazes at you it’s like she’s reaching into your soul.
Shy at first she quickly becomes the attention hog.
LuLu would make a great companion for someone who likes that one on one affection. Because of her love for attention, she needs to be in a home with other friendly felines or a human companion that can spend a lot of time with her.
Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for more info.

Dottie West – Special Delivery Kitten!

Dottie is a special recent rescue, she is a five month old female domestic short haired tortie. She is friendly and loves to play with other young cats!
Dottie enjoys being pet and chin and bootie scratches.
She is very playful and loves to bolt around the house.
Dottie is being fostered in a home with young children, and has lived with dogs.
She has perfect litter box manners, and has been vet cleared, spayed, tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia (both negative) and she is up to date on her vaccinations.
She also comes with a voucher for a FREE first vet visit.Feline Network has made adding a kitten to your family EASY!
Dottie will do best in a home with another kitten, or younger playful cat.
Please be a cat loving long term home.
Dottie will deliver unconditional love and tons of entertainment as you watch her antics!
A nominal rehoming fee applies.
Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for more info.
Dottie is available TODAY!

Jack and Joey – 2 Orange Kitties!!

Jack and Joey were destined to a life in the wild without care.

Feline Network has rescued them and have been working hard to socialize them.
Jack is a purr machine who loves to be pet.  Joey has come a looooong way and needs a home that is willing to work with him and give him time to learn to trust. He progresses everyday.
They are vet checked, tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia, flea treated etc.
Please be a patient, long term cat loving home.
Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232

Tendra, Poppy & Kiwi, Total Awesomeness!

Meet Tendra, Poppy & Kiwi.

AWESOME describes them, and we are looking for awesome longterm cat loving homes to adopt them!
They are dog, cat friendly and are used to children!
All of these kittens are healthy, super sweet and friendly.
These kittens are approximately 11 weeks old.

They have been vet checked, fixed, tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia (all negative), flea treated etc. We also include a voucher for a free first vet visit!

Tendra- female gray and white.
Poppy- female gray with some white (paws and a splash under her mouth)
Kiwi- male gray and white.
*Ready to be adopted TODAY!

(805) 801-5232  Roxanne fore more information.

Freesia & Jac Exotic Teenagers

Freesia & Jac are a stunning pair of exotic golden tabbies!
Whoever adopts these kittens will be hitting the jackpot.
This is a dynamic duo – a brother and sister pair of rescued kittens that are stunning, sweet, with medium energy levels. They get along and they can be adopted as a pair, or as singles. We estimate their date of birth as 4/1/2017, so they are close to six months old now. They are grateful that they were rescued, fostered, and now are ready for the journey to their new homes!

Vet checked, tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia, fixed and up to date on kitten vaccines.
Litter box trained too.

This turn-key DUO is guaranteed to provide you with hours of entertainment, and add a lot of love to your home.  Please be a cat loving long term home.
*Adoptable TODAY!

Freesia is a classic brown tabby with striking markings and some diluted orange touches including on the tip of her tail.
She is sweet, a little shy, and loves her chin rubbed.

Jac is a handsome brown and black tabby with well defined striking markings.
Medium activity level, friendly, good natured with an easy purr.

Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for more information.

Simple Simon & 4 Siblings


These five little sweetie-pies are simply the cat’s meow!
Recently rescued by this non-profit, and ready now for their forever homes.

3 boys – Simon, Steve and Sylvester (Scotty adopted).

1 stunning calico girl left (Samantha)!

When you adopt from us you are getting a healthy kitten.
Vet checked, fixed, up to date on vaccinations, flea prevention etc.
Litter box trained too!

Please consider adopting a pair of these bonded kittens! To longterm cat loving homes only.

Call Roxanne fore more information (805) 801-5232

Salem – Happy Footed Superhero 


Meet Salem.
He’s the biggest guy in the litter.
He loves food and needs to be reminded to share with his brother and sisters sometimes. 🙂 Salem is very independent and brave, and has been the super hero of the bunch!

He would do fine in a household with dogs and /or other cats.
He is always wanting to snuggle with our adult cats and likes to sit at the window if he sees our German Shepherd and paw at it so we will let her in.

He’s very affectionate and likes to make happy feet while you love on him.
He is completely black with absolutely no white on him!
He’s a very sweet, laid back guy.
Salem is vet checked, fixed, up to date on vaccinations, flea treated, litter box trained too!
Ready to adopt TODAY!

Call Roxanne for more information (805) 801-5232


S’More *Add S’More Love To Your Family!


Meet S’more.
Simply irresistible, but calorie free!
He has a BIG cat personality in a little cat body!

S’More is a very outgoing kitten with oodles of personality. He’s very affectionate and purrs as soon as you even think about picking him up. He likes to snuggle but is also one of the most playful in the bunch. He’s not afraid of new things and is the first one in the group to investigate any time there’s a new sound or object.

I think he’d do great by himself or with other cats.

All the kittens like our adult cats, but S’more really seems to like hanging out with our adult cats quite a bit. Yet he’s really independent so he would be fine on his own!

Vet checked, fixed, up to date on vaccines, flea treated etc. and litter box trained too!

Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232  for more info.



Cat Fishing!

These little fishes were found near the pier in Morro Bay.
To survive, they were receiving handouts from kind restaurant kitchen workers 🙂
This non-profit rescue group was contacted and went “cat fishing”.
We cast out our traps and caught them, fostered them, had them neutered, vaccinated and tested.

These little “cat fish” love to play, they are big on the furry mice and chase each other around the house.
They purr up a storm and love to be petted.
Because they were “wild caught”, these “cat fish” are a bit shy, but one rubs on legs and is easily picked up.
Given time they will acclimate and thrive in a loving cat loving home!
Please consider this pair, if you are wanting unconditional love and hours upon hours of entertainment.

Call Roxanne for more information: 805-801-5232


Cassidy & Tiffany – Twin Torties

These two domestic short haired twin tortie sisters will change your life! These two rescued kittens have purr-sonality plus! They are super acclimated to a busy family life, and enjoy adults, children and even a large German Shepherd.

Cassidy & Tiffany were bottle fed, and have received lots of love an attention. It is now evident in their amazing dispositions!

We are looking for a long term cat loving home, who can adopt both sisters! They have been a pair, ever since day one, and we don’t have the heart to break them up!

They are Vet checked, fixed, up to date on vaccines, flea treated etc and they have perfect litter box habits. Cassidy & Tiffany are as turn-key as they come! We have taken all of the guess work out of kitten adoption.

Meet Cassidy:
She loves to pose for pictures unlike her “twin” sister Tiffany.
Cassidy and Tiffany would do best if they could be adopted together.
Cassidy is a social butterfly- very outgoing and playful.
She also loves to come and snuggle on your lap when she gets tired of playing.
She’s a very brave kitty and isn’t afraid to go nose to nose with our German shepherd.
She still puffs up and hisses at her which is hilarious.
Tiffany is a quieter kitten which is why I think it would be nice if Tiffany could be adopted with her sister.  🙂

Meet Tiffany:
She’s the other half of the “twin” sister duo.
Tiffany is the smallest kitten in the group.
She loves to be held and is also very social with people.
She’s very sweet and tends to be more shy than her siblings.
She gets frightened if she hears a loud noise but then recovers fast and is quick to peek out and investigate.
Likely she would do best in a household without dogs, but with her sister by her side she could do fine with well behaved dogs that are familiar with loving cats.

Call Roxanne for more information (805) 801-5232

Pippi & JoJo – Sibling Kittens Seeking Sanctuary 

Pippi (calico female) and JoJo (orange tabby male) are a pair of shy siblings who would prefer to go together, to a quiet home.

They are recent rescues by this network of feline rescue volunteers and are still shy but are quick to purr when given chin or ear scratches. They have remarkably soft plush-like fur, and stunning looks!

This pair of siblings is approximately five months old.
They have been vet checked, fixed, tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia (both negative) and are up to date on vaccinations!
They also have perfect litter box manners!

So if you are a cat lover who can offer a long term home for these two, please contact us.
Nominal rehoming fee does apply.

Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for more information.

Yard and Garage Cats

Do you want to rid your yard or garage of pesky critters? Our hardworking felines will scare them away in no time. Then they will look beautiful in your space as they keep patrol.

We have spayed/neutered healthy cats with shots that may be skittish but need safe homes with some kind of shelter from the elements. Feed and water them daily and they won’t let you down.