Princess Lacy and Kiki

****2 for the price of 1**** During August, the adoption fee is reduced to $85 for this pair of kittens!

Princess Lacy is a long-haired kitten with dainty white front toes, white whiskers and a few white bits of fur on her face, with a “handkerchief” triangle on her neck.  She is very sweet, a little shy at first, but loves laps, getting brushed, and playing in boxes.  She is a bit smaller than her siblings, but she is mighty

Kiki is a medium-hair kitten with a white triangle on her nose. She is very sweet and a little shy, but loves to be petted and playing with her siblings.  She enjoys looking out the windows and tries to figure out how to get out there. She is very agile and athletic.

Both have become friendly with their foster family’s cat and medium-sized dog. 

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped. 

Call Christine for more information: 805-544-6138


Sadie is a gentle, older, pleasantly-plump, indoor-only, wonderful calico cat. She is an ideal companion for someone who is home most of the time and can give her some much-deserved attention. She loves to be petted and has a talkative nature.  She likes to sit next to you on the couch, lay with you in bed, and will sweetly let you know when she wants attention. Sadie is declawed.

Sadie was well cared for in her previous home, but they could not care for her any longer.  She is doing great in her foster home, which has no other animals or children. She is litter-box trained and eats both wet and dry foods.

For more information please call Lynette: (805) 556-0717  

Sally Pumpkin

Super friendly Sally Pumpkin loves to play and cuddle. She was born in May.  If you’re looking for a wonderful companion kitty check her out! She is used to dogs, cats and family life.

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.

Call Pamela for adoption info: 805-704-0418


  • Born at the end of May, Shortstack is a petite, female, short-haired, buff and white tabby kitten with the sweetest personality and amazing purr. She is a mellow girl who adores pets and cuddles. She melts into your arms, and she goes belly-up for tummy rubs. Shorty would make a wonderful emotional support kitty, as her day mainly consists of napping near to her person and giving tons of love. She is beautiful, healthy, and will likely be a smaller-than-average cat when she is fully grown.  She has perfect litterbox and household habits and would do well with older, calm kiddos and low-energy dogs. She is wonderful with other cats.  
  • Shorty is fixed, vaccinated, microchipped, tested, and ready for her forever home. 
  • Call Kristin for adoption info:  805-550-9064

Weasel, Tommy Tom, Ally Katt, and Yaya

Weasel is a beautiful gray male with a marbled coat and sweet disposition.   He’s the big brother of the group. He’s a pretty independent guy but loves to be sweet talked.

Tommy Tom can be a little shy – until you start to pet him.  He has beautiful tabby stripes with a polka dot tummy.    He’s playful and sweet, with a gentle soul.

YaYa is fun loving and has a great personality.   She has a beautiful marbled gray tabby coat.

Ally Katt loves to be petted and talked to.  Did you notice her long white whiskers?  

Born in May and raised with adult cats and a dog.

Fixed, tested, vaccinated, tested and microchipped.

For adoption info Contact Benita at 805 806 5001

Poppy and Stella

Meet Poppy (Q Buttons) and Stella (Belly)!

These two bonded foster sisters, born in April, are ready to find a home together.
Poppy is a beautiful short-haired tortie who is sweet and quiet and the world Hide and Seek champion.
Stella is a perfectly dapper short-haired brown tabby who is more inquisitive than Poppy, but would also like a quiet house.

Both kittens are very affectionate and love to cuddle and play together. They have been raised with cats, dogs and kids.
Poppy and Stella are fixed, tested, vaccinated, microchipped.

Please reach out if you would like to meet Stella and Poppy in person!
Call Leah for adoption info:  805-540-0006

Giggles, Thumbelina, & Tahoe

These three beautiful kittens were born in early June!
“Giggles”, is the sweetest, happiest, extremely easy-going kitten.

“Thumbelina” is a jewel–sweet, content, affectionate, always willing to be right next to you and always polite!

“Tahoe” is an absolutely hilarious and loving kitten.
These kittens would each make wonderful family pets and they are good with dogs.

They have been sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped, and their adoption fee includes a voucher for a free vet visit.
Call Jill for more adoption info:  (805) 550-7281

Edwyn and George

George is an adorable, grey long-haired fluff ball. He was born in mid June and has grown up with his 3 siblings and two large dogs.  He is a chill little boy, enjoys naps and cuddling with his brother on your lap. He is very sweet and gentle, and doesn’t have a sassy bone in his body! He gets along well with other cats, dogs, and people of all ages.

Edwyn is a stunning long-haired boy that really ought to be nominated as most beautiful kitty on Earth!  With long,  soft grey hair and white chest, belly, and paws, he is just the most adorable. He is silly, playful, gentle, and his perfect personality lets him get his way, always! He loves taking naps with the dogs,  asking for big kisses,  and often claims the dog bed as his own. He is good with people of all ages, loves his siblings,  the dogs,  and cuddles. He would love to be adopted with his brother George!

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.
For adoption info please call Kristin at 805-550-9064.

Gunther and Monica

Gunther and Monica are siblings, born mid-May. They are super sweet, loving, social, playful and snuggle-in-your-lap kittens.  Monica is black and white, and Gunther is a gorgeous gray; they have medium-length hair. They get along great with dogs and other cats and are kid-appropriate.

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.
Call Pamela for adoption info:  805-704-0418

Max and Tux

2 for the price of 1!!! During August, the adoption fee is reduced to $85 for this pair of kittens!

These two spectacular bonded male kittens, born in March, are looking for their perfect home.  They are highly social, love being around their foster family, as well as other cats and dogs.  They keep themselves and everyone else entertained with their playfulness all day long, then snuggle in for love when it’s time to cuddle. Both are highly affectionate and will make a wonderful addition to your family 🙂 Please consider giving these 2 kittens the wonderful loving home they deserve.

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.

Call Lynette for adoption info:  805-556-0717 or 805 458-0530

Raspberry Bandit

Classic Calico Seeks Loving Home! Meet Raspberry Bandit! She is a medium-haired younger (1 yr old) Calico cat with a bushy tail and a sweet purr-sonality! She prefers to be the Queen bee, so please no other cats. She is a great companion for humans!

Tested, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Ready now!
Call Roxanne for info (805) 801-5232

Benny, Max, and Millie

This lovely litter of kittens were born June 1st and are ready for their forever homes!

Max is a black and white tuxedo shorthair kitten.  He is an active, playful boy but loving and affectionate when his play is done. He can be adopted by himself but would be happiest if he had a playmate.

Benny is a  brown tabby with white paws and chest, short hair. He is very laid back and relaxed and destined to be someone’s lap cat oneday. He loves to cuddle, be petted and he loves his play time too and would enjoy another cat to romp with.

Millie is a traditional dark brown tabby shorthair kitten. She likes to frolic and play with her littermates but is also very affectionate and loves her cuddle time.

All are friendly with other people but have not been around dogs or young children.  However, they are young enough that if properly introduced they should adapt very well.

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.

Call Christine for adoption info: 805-544-6138

Ash and Reed

Brothers born in May, they are handsome guys who look like they are going to grow into big cats!

They are super playful, love feather toys, the laser light and boxes with packaging materials.   Reed carries toys around the house in his mouth and brings them to his foster parents to play with.

Ash is all grey with a small white triangle on his chest and white tips on his toes.

Reed is grey and white with a pink nose.

Both have bonded with their foster mom and are very sweet and love pets.  They are shy with new people, but once they transfer the bond to their new people, they will be your companions forever.

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.

Call Elaine for adoption info:  805-458-3978

Fiona, Ferdinand, and Frankie

Fiona, Frankie & Ferdinand were born in mid-May

Fiona is very friendly and outgoing. Constantly purring. Definitely the bravest of the litter.

Frankie is quiet and a bit shy, but loves to snuggle. No dogs. She will need patient parents to help her overcome her shyness.

Ferdinand is on the shy side as well but has really become affectionate and silly!!  He’s playful and will hoard the toys from his siblings. The paper strip from the top of the litter bag is his favorite so he is easily entertained.
Frankie and Ferdinand would do better if paired together but could do well alone if there was a home with another cat. Fiona is super outgoing and would do fine alone.
Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.
Call Kristin for adoption info:  805-550-9064

Miles Davis

Miles of Personality!
Miles Davis is a medium-haired, mostly black kitten born in April with miles of personality and purrs that go on nonstop.
He is a mellow fellow who will do best in a home where he will get plenty of your love and attention.
Fixed, tested, microchipped and vaccinated!
Call Roxanne to meet this magical guy!(805) 801-5232

Luna and Nico

2 for the price of 1!!! During August, the adoption fee is reduced to $85 for this pair of kittens!

Born in May of 2020, Luna and Nico are an affectionate brother-and-sister pair with short-black fur and charming personalities.

They cozy up to their humans at every opportunity, purring and gazing into your eyes. Nico is always so happy to see you and immediately goes belly-up for rubs. Luna purrs the moment you come into sight and meows to communicate her joy.

Every night, Luna and Nico sleep with their foster parents. Their gentle, loving nature would make them perfect companions for someone looking to adopt emotional support kitties. 

While both are black, Nico has a muscular, regular-sized frame, and Luna is petite with delicate mannerisms; she also has a distinct patch of white fur on her chest. They dote on each other endlessly, mutually grooming, cuddling together, and finding ways to keep you entertained. They have perfect litter box and household habits and will likely do well in family home and with dogs. 

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.
Call Kristin for details: 805-550-9064 

Iris and Fern

Born in early May, these kittens are sweet, loving and very playful. They all love to play with cat toys and a few of them carry the toys around the house. They are extremely entertaining and because they are kittens, they get into all sorts of mischief.

Iris is a grey and white short hair female who loves to gaze out the window and take naps in the sunshine. Iris is a purr bug and loves to play.

Fern is an orange & white kitten who loves to be petted and will purr when held. He loves his foster home’s adult cat and they are often found cuddling together.

They love other cats and are in a foster home with a very well behaved dog .

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.

Please call Valerie for adoption information: 805-234-2434


Moonshine is a 3-year-old black-and-white tuxedo male with green-gold eyes. He has medium fur and perfect litter box habits. “Moonie” is super social and adores spending time with his humans. He requires a lot of play time so that his energy is channeled to positive activity; when pent up, he gets overly physical in trying to get your attention. 

Moonie is beloved to his foster home where he is indoor-only, but Moonie may truly shine in a safe indoor-outdoor environment. Moonie will do best in a home without kids, but will likely do well with other cats and dogs.  He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, tested, and ready to find his forever home. 

For adoption info, please call: Kristin (805) 550-9064


Cloud is an exceptionally affectionate short-haired female Russian Blue with the softest, cloud-like fur. At 11 years young, she is curvy and voluptuous, and gives the most heart-melting head bumps. She will gaze lovingly into your eyes before rolling belly-up for tummy rubs; and she frequently shows gratitude for snuggles with soft, sweet kisses.

She is healthy and eats wet and dry cat food very well, despite being completely toothless. Her significant stature is a testament to her ability to eat well and nap like a champ! 

She has perfect litter box and household habits and is ready to find her forever home, preferably a quiet oasis.  Cloud may take a little time to settle into her new home, but once she does, she will be your loving companion and lap cat, and she will be devoted to you for life.

Cloud is fixed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and her adoption includes a free first visit vet voucher. 

For more information, call Kristin (805) 550-9064

Yard and Garage Cats

Do you want to rid your yard or garage of pesky critters? Our hardworking felines will scare them away in no time. Then they will look beautiful in your space as they keep patrol.

We have spayed/neutered healthy cats with shots that may be skittish but need safe homes with some kind of shelter from the elements. Feed and water them daily and they won’t let you down.