Amazing & super sweet.
Vet checked, fixed and up to date on kitten vaccinations.
Litter box perfect too!
Please consider this kitten, if you are a cat-loving long-term home.
Rescued by Feline Network and are now ready for their forever home.
This is T’challa.
He’s very sweet and snuggly.
He likes to have a lap to cuddle in or a fuzzy blanket to make happy feet on. His favorite place to sleep at night is mushed up by someone’s face. He loves to groom your eyebrows for you. Gets along great with our adult cats. He’s cautious around the dogs but is getting braver.
Call Roxanne for details (805) 801-5232

Max & Lucy  *Lovebug Pair 

This pair of rescued kittens consists of a brother (Max) a black and white and his sister (Lucy) a calico.
They are very playful and love following you around.
They are very bonded and are always playing together!
Max is calm and is always ready to snuggle up in your lap, and Lucy will take a nap here and there but will always be ready to play!

This pair is fixed, and ready to go!

Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232



Teddy is ready for his forever home!
About 13 weeks old, and full of mischief.
LOVES to be petted, and loved on.
A little shy at first, but instantly purring and warms up quickly.
He loves to play with others and is in a home with kids, dogs, other cats and iguanas!
With a little more time he will be terrifically out-going, and is already an amazing sweetheart.
Vet checked, tested, fixed, and up to date on vaccinations.
Was a feral rescue- but too loving and sweet to put back. His ear is clipped.
Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232


This little 12 week old girl was rescued from Animal Services and originally found in Oceano.
Chica is very sweet, a bit cross eyed, but rather fearless. She plays, cuddles, chases her tail and purrs up a storm 🙂
She is spayed, vaccinated and tested.
Chica likes adult cats, but does not seem to like other kittens.
She would enjoy an inside/outside home, as she loves exploring the out of doors. Safe yard necessary.
Call Roxanne for more info: 805-801-5232

Timmy & Tessa

This bonded pair of sibling kittens, is looking for their forever home.
If you can offer them a stable long-term cat loving home, please call or email today (no text please)!
Timmy the black and white tuxedo and Tessa the tortie are about 12 weeks old and looking for their permanent home.
Timmy is playful and likes to explore and investigate anything new.
Tessa is a bit more sedate and watchful before she follows Timmy’s lead and investigates too.
Tessa is a little bit shy but both love to be held and readily purr as soon as they are touched.
We are not willing to separate them, so they are a package deal!
These rescued kittens are about twelve weeks old, have been vet cleared, fixed, and are up to date on their kitten vaccinations.
Purr-fect litter box manners too!
*We also include a voucher for a free first vet visit.
Our non-profit rescue takes all of the guess work out of adopting a healthy kitten!
This pair will provide you with years of love and devotion.
Call Lynette for more information (805) 556-0717  *No Text Please

Rain Cloud *Sweet Gray & White


Rain Cloud is a gray and white medium haired kitten, about 14 weeks old.
She was rescued and is now ready for her forever home.
Please be a safe cat loving long term situation.
Rain Cloud would love to have a cat friend.
She likes to play with felt mice and sleep in the sun.
Vet checked, spayed, and up to date on her kitten series of vaccinations.
Please call Roxanne for details (805) 801-5232

Michelangelo! Artistic Kitten Seeks Compassionate Cat Lover!

I am Micky short for Michelangelo.
Why? I live with 3 other kittens who spilled the water on the fresh litter and when my foster mom came home she discovered my foot prints were all over the place. I’m an artist I told her.
I am all gray (Russian Blue appearing)  with very thick plush-like fur.
I was born feral and abandoned and initially very afraid but this feline rescue group (registered non-profit)  took me in and you would not know my history by my behavior now.
I love chicken and I love getting petted.
Playing with felt mice and cat napping in a sunny spot are my hobbies.
At my recent vet visit, I was neutered, and we also found out at that time that I tested “mildly positive” for the antibodies for Feline Leukemia. The test is very sensitive and does yield a percentage of false positives.
I could beat this or not really even have it- but just in case I should not be with other cats.
Mickey, is seeking a loving longterm in-side only home, where he can live out his life to it’s fullest.
Please give him the chance he deserves.
He has a lot of love and joy to give!
We will follow up with a retest in another month.
Adopting Mickey will require a compassionate heart and a mindset that is understanding of caring for a cat that may have special needs.
Email, call or text Roxanne <roxbohn@charter.net>
(805) 801-5232 for more information.

Yard and Garage Cats

Do you want to rid your yard or garage of pesky critters? Our hardworking felines will scare them away in no time. Then they will look beautiful in your space as they keep patrol.

We have spayed/neutered healthy cats with shots that may be skittish but need safe homes with some kind of shelter from the elements. Feed and water them daily and they won’t let you down.