Snowball is super playful, energetic, and entertaining, yet he enjoys being held and carried around too. He will curl up on a lap after many hours of play and will snuggle. His foster parents just love him so much, but he needs a permanent home. There is a little white dot on his chest just under his chin and his black fur has black on black stripes and is short to medium length. Born in late April 2021, Snowball has been exposed to children (regular visitors), a dog and cat and reacted with interest and boldness without much caution. He has good litter box habits and will make a fine addition to a home with adults with a lot of time to give to him or another young cat to play with and or children.

Snowball has been neutered, is up to date on vaccinations, is microchipped, and his adoption includes a free first visit vet voucher.

Call Lisa for details: 805-964-0997


Sheba is a young cat (1-2 years old) who is looking for her forever home! This girl is super smart, loyal, loves her human foster mom and has a very loving relationship with the household dog. They cuddle and play together much of the time. Sheba is a survivor, she came to the Feline Network with a litter of kittens and now that the kittens have all been adopted, it’s Sheba’s time to shine!  She is adorable, social and sweet natured and loves to be with humans, as well as, the dog and other cats.
Spayed, vaccinated, tested and microchipped. There is a nominal re-homing fee, and this includes a free first vet visit voucher.

We are a registered 501-C3 not for profit rescue.
For more information please contact Valerie at 805-234-2434

Trixie and Skipper

Trixie and Skipper are two darling black and white, short hair, tuxedo kitties.  They are about 12 weeks old. Skipper is the one with a white stripe down his face. They are very people-friendly, affectionate and playful. They would make great family pets! Trixie and Skipper are dog-friendly and fine with adult cats. Trixie is very independent, while Skipper will do best in a home with other pets to play with. They are best indoors but eventually could go outside in a safe backyard. They are litter box trained, and are fixed and up to date with shots and microchips.

Their adoption includes a free first visit vet voucher.

Call Christine for more information:  805-235-3606

Amazing Kitties “Glowy” and “Holiday”

These bonded one-year-old, short-haired, medium-sized brothers are black in color and have wonderful personalities. 

Glowy has gorgeous golden eyes and one long white whisker. Glowy will cuddle with you at night and sleep at your side. He turns into the purriest fur baby when you start petting his tummy.

Holiday has striking emerald eyes and a signature white patch of fur on his chest. He enjoys sleeping under the covers during the day and hanging out with you at night. He loves chin scratches and belly rubs, and his favorite activities are playing with toys and watching birds and bugs. 

Glowy and Holiday get along well with other friendly kitties (but please no alpha-male cats that might bully them) and would likely do well in a home with a pup or two (but no children). They are house and litter box trained, have no special needs other than being allowed to sleep in bed (and under the covers) and being rescued by a family that can provide patience as they settle in and get acquainted with their new humans and home. These brothers will add love, tenderness, and humor to their forever home and will keep you smiling at their many unique qualities. 

Glowy and Holiday are fixed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and their adoption includes a free first visit vet voucher. 
Call or text Kristin for details: 805-550-9064

The Purr Babies

This litter of 3 month old, short-haired kittens will amaze you with their incredible personalities and unique coloration and patterns! 

ROCKET is the only male kitty from the litter. He is absolutely incredible with children, adults, and other pets. He is a “best friend” to one and all. You won’t believe how friendly and snuggly he is! Rocket is the black and white kitty perched on the edge of a bathtub.

ASH is a Russian Blue female (petite and gray). She is a true joy, gentle, and very loving. She chats with you when she is ready for cuddles and comes to you for comfort. She is such a wonderful fur baby.

They are house and litter box trained, have no special health needs, and will likely do well in homes with other cats, dogs, and kids.

All are fixed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and their adoption includes a free first visit vet voucher. 
Call or text Kristin for details: 805-550-9064

Orion and Nova


Orion and Nova are two playful, 9 week old, medium haired, all black kittens. 

Nova is a wonderful kitten who is a great combination of playful and snuggly. She loves to sit in my lap in the morning for coffee and the evening for a little TV watching. She will often seek me out for those snuggle times. She loves to play hard with her brother Orion but purrs the moment I touch her. 

Orion is a character. He is more independent than his sister and definitely an observer. He takes it all in. He cracks me up with his occasional grumpy face and his grumpy meow when he wants something from me. Orion also purrs as soon as you touch him and can be a talker. 

It would be wonderful if they could be adopted together but not required. Nova and Orion have lived with adult cats and dogs. They are litter box trained and ready to find their forever home. They have no special needs. 

Nova and Orion are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, micro-chipped, and their adoption includes a first visit vet voucher. 

Call Deannie for details: 805-471-8162

Bubbles, Cuddles, and Dandy!

Meet Bubbles, Cuddles and Dandy.
These are recently rescued 11week old kittens ready for their forever homes.
They are all affectionate, playful and friendly, and will be a wonderful addition to any home.

Bubbles- beautiful orange and white female.
Extremely sweet and friendly, purrs happily as she sits on your lap.

Cuddles- Black male with white hair tufts in ears, and a white patch on his stomach.
Loving and loves attention.

Dandy- Black male, adorable affectionate.
He will quickly run to you to be loved and perched on your lap.

They are very bonded and any pair would love to be adopted together. 
All three would do great in homes with well behaved respectful children, dogs, adults.

They are all fixed, tested, and up to date on vaccinations.
Micro chipped too.
Our non-profit also provides a free first vet visit voucher with each adoption.

Call Jill at (805) 550-7281

The Fantastic Three


What a litter! None of these kittens look alike but they’re each wonderful in their own way. They are four months old and ready for their forever-homes…

Sammy is all black, with short hair and beautiful gold eyes. He loves lap time, pats, and playing

Sasha is a lovely medium sized Russian Blue short hair kitty. She is sedate, friendly with other cats, and love lap/patting time

Simon is a gray and white tuxedo with short hair. He is medium sized. Simon is a bit shy but really likes his lap time and getting pats. He’ll need a little extra time to adjust to his new home

These kittens can be shy at first, but become more outgoing once they know they’re in a safe environment. They can be adopted separately or in pairs. None have been around dogs. They’ll do best in a quiet home with adults or more mature children. All have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

For more information please call Christine: 805-235-3606

The Possum Brothers!

The Possum Brothers were rescued by our non-profit organization. They are about 10-11 weeks old. This pair of very bonded brothers are super soft mostly gray shorter haired kittens, with some tabby stripes, white markings, and pink noses and expressive eyes. 
Possum & Ridge were rescued from being caught between two fences, and named for the road in Nipomo that they were found on. Please consider these boys if you would love to have a pair of very loving kittens who play up a storm and then curl up on you to fall asleep. They love cat toys, wrestling, and napping in sun spots. Everyone who meets this pair is instantly captivated by them. 

Possum- wonderfully social butterfly and just plain something else! 

Ridge- equally as delightful as his brother.

Both have wonderful inside manners and are just joyful happy cats!
They have been fixed, tested, microchipped, and are up to date on kitten shots. Our rescue provides a free first vet visit voucher with each adoption.

Call Janet for more info (805) 458-6994


Ivy is a friendly 1-2 year old all-black, medium-haired cat. She is gorgeous, with striking eyes. She was a stray cat that gave birth to three kittens, rescued by our non profit rescue group.  Ivy is very affectionate, always greets her foster mom, and yearns to belong. She loves belly rubs and being talked to. Ivy can be overstimulated and a little bit mouthy so please be cat savvy and able to give her some space when she needs it. She needs a home with no dogs or young children. She will do well with older children who are experienced with cats. She has perfect inside manners and is a joy to have around. 

Ivy has a great need for stability and love; if you think you might be a candidate as her forever-parent please reach out to us. She is spayed, tested, up to date on vaccinations, and chipped. Our rescue also provides a free first vet visit voucher with each adoption. 

For more information please contact Deanie: 805-471-8162

Sabrina! Life Changer

Sabrina is a 1-2 year old black short haired cat. She was rescued and is now ready for her life changer, a loving place in a forever home. This dear cat came to us as a feral mama cat. She was an excellent mother to her litter, and raised amazing kittens. Sabrina was recently spayed and ear-tipped and was to go back to where she was found but her foster family found her to be too personable to go back to the rough life that she had before, so we are now looking for a wonderful home for this very sweet girl.

Sabrina will be shy and apprehensive when she first goes home. After a short period of time (a week or two) she will be a wonderful companion cat, and will even greet you at the door when you get home. Please no young children or dogs. Sabrina has wonderful inside manners, is quiet, and she’s easy to take care of. She loves ear scratches and chin rubs. She has no bad habits.

Sabrina has been tested, spayed, chipped and is up to date on vaccinations. Our registered non-profit includes a free first vet visit voucher with each adoption. Sabrina is ready for her new permanent home today!

For more information please call Roxanne: 805-801-5232

A Pair of Charmers!


Meet Blue and Bear. They are 9 week old charmers. They were rescued along with their amazing mom (who is also available for adoption).

Blue is very friendly and playful, will greet you when she sees you. She is a gem. She is black with a white spot, white whiskers and white ear tufts.

Mr. Bear is a gentle sweet boy, also mostly black with a bit of white. He will be a little bit shy when first introduced to a new situation. Once he feels safe is loves play time, tunnels and exploring. He would love another cat friend.

Both Blue and Mr. Bear love older children (age 5+)!

These kittens are fixed, up to date on vaccinations, micro chipped and they each come with a free first vet visit voucher. Ready for homes today!

Call Janet for details: 805-458-6994

Three kittens – Phantom, Jess, and Lila!

This litter of 11-week old, short-haired kittens will amaze you with their incredible personalities and unique coloration and patterns! Three kittens are available for adoption:

PHANTOM is an absolute sweetheart. She gazes up at you with her crystal blue eyes, hopeful and patient for cuddle time. When you reach out to pat her, she closes her eyes and melts into your hand. She will win you over. She is the mostly-white kitty with the crystalline blue gaze.

JESS is the smallest of her litter and is her foster mom’s favorite. She is smart, observant, endlessly loving, and tends to the individual needs of her siblings. When Lila is shy and needs some coaxing to join the fun, Jess walks to her and leads her to the action. Kitties like Jess are few and far between. *Highly recommend adopting with Lila.

LILA- Lila is a shy girl who will amaze you when she comes out of her shell. Even when she feels bashful, she ‘flirts’ with you from a distance, letting you know that she wants your permission (or to be carried) to be included in the fun. She will be cautious of new people, but once you get her playing or cuddled in to snuggle time, she is content to be a part of it. *Highly recommend adopting with Jess.

All are house and litterbox trained, have no special health needs, and will likely do well in homes with other cats, dogs, and kids.

(The other kitties in the photos have already been claimed by their new families.)

All are fixed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and their adoption includes a free first visit vet voucher. 

Call Kristin for more information: 805-550-9064

Maya Angelou – Green Eyed Girl

Maya was recently rescued from a remote location roadside, greatly pregnant at the time, and she had her babies the night that she was rescued.  Maya is a delightful 1-2 year old green eyed short haired silver gray tabby with a winning personality.  She is sweet, affectionate, and a joy to have around.  Please consider adopting her if you can offer her a long term home. Maya would be an ideal companion cat, as she loves to be near her person/people. Great with respectful children and likely fine with a non aggressive dog. She has wonderful inside manners, and is recently tested, spayed and is up to date on vaccinations including rabies vaccine. Ready now for a place to call her own.

For more information please call Roxanne at 805-801-5232

A beautiful young litter of tigers!

This litter of gorgeous tiger kittens (and their mother) are ready for adoption! They are an adorable, sweet-natured, gentle and adventurous group.  The kittens love cuddles but also enjoy active play.  They are comfortable with dogs (their foster Mom has a four year golden retriever) and love humans.  These kittens include three dark tabby boys, a female black tiger, and a light brown tiger female who looks just like her mama cat.  Please check our “Cats for Adoption” section for more information about the mother.

All have been spayed/neutered, tested, vaccinated, and microchipped and a voucher for a free vet visit is included with their adoptions.

Call Janet for more information:  805-458-6994

Yard and Garage Cats

Do you want to rid your yard or garage of pesky critters? Our hardworking felines will scare them away in no time. Then they will look beautiful in your space as they keep patrol.

We have spayed/neutered healthy cats with shots that may be skittish but need safe homes with some kind of shelter from the elements. Feed and water them daily and they won’t let you down.