Muff & Molly Tuxedo Female Kittens. Adopt NOW!

Muff and Molly are like bookends!

IMG_5822Sisters but so much more:)
Born on 4-24-16.
Muff has a black skunk stripe on the back of her neck.
Molly has a white collar around her neck.
These very attached / bonded siblings would LOVE to find a home together!
Please consider rehoming Muff and Molly.
Vet checked, healthy, fixed and up to date on vaccinations.
Litter box trained and cat toy friendly!
Call Roxanne at (805) 801-5232 to visit today!

Best Bib ’N Tucker Male Tuxedo Kitten ADOPT NOW

Tucker is a male black and white kitten about 12 weeks old, rescued in the town of Halcyon.
He is a sharp dressed kitten, ready to jump and play!
Please consider adopting him
He is vet checked, healthy, fixed and up to date on vaccines.
This non-profit takes the work out of the kitten process, he is still little but not too little and definately won’t get under foot!
Call Roxanne at (805) 801-5232 to schedule a time to visit Tucker TODAY!
He is ready for his new home, we just need one person to respond to this posting:)

Smokey Joe & Itty Bitty

Smokey Joe & Itty Bitty were rescued as tiny babies.

Bottle fed, and constantly loved on, these two have super purr-sonalities!

Super sweet gems!!

Smokey Joe is a social butterfly and in constant search for his next toy to play with!

Itty Bitty is the LOVE BUG!  Small but MIGHTY amazing:)

Box trained, super tidy, vet checked, tested, and up to date on vaccines.
Ready to adopt TODAY!
Call Roxanne for more info.  (805) 801-5232

Wilbur and Charlotte

Wilbur & Charlotte are recently rescued adult cats.
These cats are super sweet, very healthy, and loving.
Please consider adopting one or both of these well deserving cats.
Wilbur is a large super chill orange male, fixed as a kitten.
Charlotte is an all black panther looking female.
Both are affectionate, and just needing a place to call their own.
Vet checked, tested, and up to date on vaccinations including rabies.
Call Roxanne to visit today!
IMG_6077 IMG_6023

Max and Gracie…Sensational Sibling Kittens! 

These two amazing kittens are ready for their forever home TODAY!

Adoption is an amazing option to get kittens that are extremely grateful for a new situation!
This big brother and little sister are litter box perfect, kid friendly, healthy, playful purr machines!
They will keep you laughing with their antics!IMG_5818Gracie is a black and white tuxedo girl, about 9 wks old. She LOVES to play and is a cuddle specialist.

Her markings will make you smile as her white face looks like face paint! 




IMG_5800Max is her big brother, he is also 9 wks old.
He is going to be a BIG BOY, is very confident, vocal and playful.
He pulls out all of the stops when it comes to playing!

They are vet checked, tested, up to date of vaccines, and fixed!
Feline Network takes the work out of starting with a new kitten!
Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 today to see these two beauties!


IMG_5619Mama is a young stunning female tortie.

She is beautiful, very sweet tempered and laid back. She was rescued and arrived to us very malnourished.p
Finally she is ready for her forever home.
Please consider adopting this two year old female.
She would do great in a relaxed kick back sort of home.
Vet cleared, fixed and up to date on vaccines, including rabies, deflead and dewormed.
Mama will be a wonderful addition to a cat loving home!

Call Roxanne today at (805) 801-5232 for more info, and to see these girls today in their foster home.

Kittens and Cats Galore!

We currently have more than a half a dozen litters of kittens!
One litter is all white, another all black. We also have two diluted calico sisters, as well as orange tabbies, white caped tabbies, and siamese.

Please consider rehoming a kitten or a bonded set of siblings.
All kittens are litter box trained, vet checked, fixed and up to date on vaccines.
Many are child friendly, dog friendly and lap approved!
Here are just a few of the kittens currently available.
We also have young adult and also older cats needing homes!


Contact Roxanne at 805 801-5232 for more information.


Wally and lucy

Wally is an eight pound big boy who is a total goofball. He does not bite humans but loves to roughhouse with the dog and other cats. He is not mean, just very playful. He likes to climb in your lap, sleep with you and be brushed. He is a little uncoordinated like a toddler but it just makes him more adorable. He is shy around kids. Does not bite or scratch, just shy at first.

For more information call Pamela at (805) 541-6111.

Abigail and Pumpkin

AbigailandPumpkinAbigail (female), left, and Pumpkin (male), right, are siblings and are two of the nicest cats we’ve had in our ten years of fostering for the Feline Network.  They are sweet, playful, loving, and funny to watch.  Neither are high energy kitties and are content being indoor only.  They quite honestly have no bad habits.   big beautiful tails.  Abigail is a special needs kitty in that she has the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).  FIV-positive cats tend to live fairly normal lives. Cats that are compatible with one another can live together without fear of spreading the disease.  FIV is specific to cats and cannot be transmitted to humans or dogs.  Abigail and Pumpkin must be kept indoors and should be the only cats in the household.  Please contact Christine at 805-544-6138 if you are interested in adopting Abigail and Pumpkin.

Yard and Garage Cats

Do you want to rid your yard or garage of pesky critters? Our hardworking felines will scare them away in no time. Then they will look beautiful in your space as they keep patrol.

We have spayed/neutered healthy cats with shots that may be skittish but need safe homes with some kind of shelter from the elements. Feed and water them daily and they won’t let you down.