Teddy- Furry Purrfection!

Teddy is perfection in a furry little package of perfection!

He is the worlds best kitten!
Amazingly well adjusted, loves other cats, and used to small dogs.
He is not timid or shy.
Outgoing and perfect in every way!
Teddy has been vet checked, tested, and he is up to date on his kitten vaccinations.
If you are a cat loving family (big or small) he is the ideal kitten.
Playful, he loves cat toys, and sunbeams.
Litter box perfect too.
All this in one little furry package.
Adopt today!
Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232

Lady  *Year Old Tabby/ Adopt Now!

Lady is a recent rescue, abandoned with newly born kittens.
She was a wonderful mother despite being just a year old!
Please consider adopting this young adult cat, giving her a much needed fresh start!
She is shy, but very sweet.
Lady will need a bit of time to adjust to a new home, but the payback will be amazing.
She will be a wonderful companion cat!
Vet checked, tested for FIV, and Feline Leukemia (both negative), up to date on vaccines as well.
She is litter box perfect and an easy keeper.
Call or text to come see her today!

Sootie & Sweep Bonded Sisters/Adopt Meow!


Sootie & Sweep are ready today for their new home!

They are incredibly bonded, and must be rehomed together.
These kittens are rescues and have been vet checked, tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia (negative), spayed and they are up to date on vaccines!
These are turn key kittens! 🙂
They also come with a voucher for their first vet visit.
These sisters are super sweet!
Sootie & Sweep love to be held and are real snuggle bunnies!
They love to play, but also love to find a sun spot and snooze.
If you are a cat lover with room for these two stunners, please call today!
Remember you will never have a more grateful cat than one that has been rescued!

Libby *Young Exotic Female With Bengal Markings!

Libby is a recent rescue!
She is a very friendly and frisky feline with Bengal like markings.
An abandoned mom with her four kittens who came to us when the babies were just weeks old.
If you are a cat lover and would like a companion cat, Libby would be a perfect match.
She is independent & sweet!
Outgoing with everyone!
She has been tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia (both negative), has been recently spayed, and updated on her vaccinations.
A turn key family member!
Litter box trained and an easy keeper!
Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232

Otis Redding – A Change Is Gonna Come

My name is Otis Redding.
I am a stunning super amazing cream colored domestic longhaired Norwegian Forest Cat mix.
Very sweet 2-3 year old lap cat!
Otis is a recent rescue, vet checked and ready for his forever home.
Please be a cat loving home looking for a long term companion.
Named for Otis Redding, cuz he likes rhythm &  blues.
We tell him his running days are done, and that a change is gonna come.
Please be his change.
Call Roxanne for more info. (805) 801-5232

Alice looking for Wonderland!

Alice is looking for Wonderland and she says it is taking forever to find the right home.

We hope that it will take just one second!
Look no further if you are wanting a companion cat!
Not just any home will do, as we are looking for a cat lover who would enjoy spending time with her.
She is a laid back chill young lady.
She is a recent rescue, vet checked, tested (negative) and up to date on vaccines.
Even the vet said that she is super sweet!
Loves belly rubs, and attention, but also fine when left alone.
No bad habits!
Please consider rehoming this young female cat.
Call Roxanne for more info. (805) 801-5232
Alice:How long is forever? White Rabbit:Sometimes, just one second.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Checkers and Dapple Gray

Checkers and Dapple Gray are beautiful 6-year-old cats that have been bonded their entire life and are looking for a loving home together.   They were first rescued by Feline Network six years ago from a dire situation where there were many feral cats and kittens.  They were ultimately placed in a beautiful home, but over the last year and a half they have been terrorized by “bully cats” and took to hiding in the garage for safety.  Somewhat timid by nature, they were afraid to either go in the house or out in the yard, refusing to leave the garage.  The owners loved them dearly but felt sorry for them.  A rescue foster home has taken them in and is looking for a new home with someone who is willing to help them trust again.

Checkers is a big, 20-pound boy.  He is a gentle giant with not a mean bone in his body.   He is somewhat like a dog.  He would like to lie next to you and watch TV, or be on your lap.  He will frequently roll on his back and offer his belly for rubs or just lay at your feet.
Dapple Gray is playful and a bit more elusive.  For some time she will probably only allow herself to be pet in her safe spots….but in those spots she adores affection.  She too rolls around to be petted.   She is adorable and silky soft.  She wants interaction and follows you with her eyes, hoping you will give her the time she needs to feel safe.
At first Checkers and Dapple will be gun-shy of new sights, sounds and people.   We are looking for a calm, quiet home with someone who is patient and understanding and can see past their fear.  Ideally someone who has worked with these sort of cats in the past. They promise to reward that special someone with total love and affection. They have been vet checked and are healthy, and up to date on vaccines. We will only adopt this pair together.
        Please call Roxanne for more information (805) 801-5232

Choose Hope!

Hope needs a home.
She is a rescue, and has taken awhile to acclimate to being a pet.
She does have a sweet spirit, and is very vocal!
Hope would be an amazing companion to a lonely cat.
She thrives with another cat, so we will only consider a home where she will not be the only cat.
Hope will take awhile to acclimate in a new home, so please be someone with patience, and lots of love!
She is curious, and an explorer, she is not a lap cat and does not love to get endless pettings!
Please be a home without little humans, as she tends to get very jumpy.
Also a quiet more zen accommodation would be more to her liking than a party place!
If you think that you have what it takes and you would like to meet Hope, please let us know.
She has been vet checked, tested for FIV & Feline Leuk (negative), spayed, and vaccinated.
Her litter-box manners are perfect.

Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for more information.


Wally and lucy

Wally is an eight pound big boy who is a total goofball. He does not bite humans but loves to roughhouse with the dog and other cats. He is not mean, just very playful. He likes to climb in your lap, sleep with you and be brushed. He is a little uncoordinated like a toddler but it just makes him more adorable. He is shy around kids. Does not bite or scratch, just shy at first.

For more information call Pamela at (805) 541-6111.

Yard and Garage Cats

Do you want to rid your yard or garage of pesky critters? Our hardworking felines will scare them away in no time. Then they will look beautiful in your space as they keep patrol.

We have spayed/neutered healthy cats with shots that may be skittish but need safe homes with some kind of shelter from the elements. Feed and water them daily and they won’t let you down.