Heidi Klum!  Tall, Willowy “Tortico”

Heidi Klum is a 2-3 yr old tall and willowy tortico (tortie and calico blend) recently rescued and now ready for her forever home! She has been spayed and is up to date on vaccinations including rabies shot. 
She is sweet, playful and enjoys curling up in a sunny chair. Heidi is not  a fan at this point of other cats or dogs, but may warm up if given time. 

Call Roxanne at (805) 801-5232 for more info.

Our Non-Profit nominal re-homing Fee includes:
Flea Control
Testing for FIV/FELV/Heart-worm
Free First Vet Visit Voucher

We are a non-profit 501C3 cat rescue. Tax I.D. number is 03-0467307
Please refer to http://www.FelineNetwork.org for more information 


Napa is a beautiful, 1 year old, medium sized, long-haired female tabby with pretty green eyes.  She was abandoned while pregnant and unfortunately lost her babies shortly after birth.  She is very affectionate, with the softest meow and loudest purr.  She would be better as an only pet as she does not seem to appreciate my dog or other fosters.  She would be a great indoor kitty and companion for a special forever home.  Napa is litter box trained has been spayed, microchipped and tested for FIV.

Call Pamela (805) 704-0418 or (805)541-6111

Sunny and Star!

Sunny and Star are petite 5-month-old kittens. Sunny is a brown female tabby and Star is a black kitten with a “star” on her chest. They were found running around a neighborhood in Nipomo with their 19 siblings and cousins and were being cared for by neighbors and the children in the neighborhood.  

They are sweet, playful and loving and ready for adoption. They love to play with toys on a wire and run around and bat around toys in the bathtub. 

They are a bit shy with new people but warm up quickly and become little purr bugs who want lots of pets and attention. Several littermates/cousins are also available!

Fixed, vaccinated, tested and micro-chipped and ready for their forever home!

Call Kathy for more info call Kathy at 805-610-1258.


Jupiter was found running around a neighborhood in Nipomo with his 20 siblings and cousins and was being cared for by neighbors and the children in the neighborhood.  

He is a sweet black and white male tuxedo, about five months old. Playful and loving, he patiently watches you wherever you go waiting for love and pets.

He is a bit shy with new people, but warms quickly and becomes a little purr bug who want lots of pets and attention. Several of Jupiter’s littermates/cousins are also available!

All are fixed, vaccinated, tested and micro-chipped.

Call Kathy for more info at 805-610-1258.

Beautiful boys! Alvin and Simon

These 5 month old brothers are very devoted to each other.  They are very loving and affectionate boys and are very interested in all that their human companions are doing.
They are also very playful, love their toys and are very gentle with each other.
They were adopted as 10 week old kittens, but returned by their owner who is suffering from cancer and could not care for them.

Alvin has a beautiful “ticked” coat, that is super silky and beautiful.
Simon has a brown tabby coat that is also silky.

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.

Call Elaine to adopt these beautiful boys.  805-458-3978

Jersey Mike!

Jersey Mike is a sweet and loving 8 month old short haired rescue.
He is a mellow fellow with a playful side and an ongoing purr.
Mike will do well with a doting family and ideally another young cat friend.
He loves attention, ear and chin scratches and curling up with you when he tires out from playing.

Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for more information. 

Our nominal adoption fee covers:
flea control
testing for FIV/FELV/Heart-worm
free first vet visit voucher

We are a non-profit- our 501C3 non-profit tax I.D. number is 03-0467307
for more info visit felinenetwork.org


Wanda is a medium-haired, almost 5 month old tortie female kitten. She is petite, very snuggly and loves to be held and cuddled. She is super soft and very kind-hearted. Wanda loves to get affection and attention! She is a fierce hunter of bottle caps and bits of fluff, and Wanda will steal your heart with her soulful eyes and sweet nature.

She does great with adult cats, but is not a fan of dogs. Older children who have been around cats would be ok.

Our adoption fees cover:
flea control
testing for FIV/FELV/Heart-worm
free first vet visit voucher

Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232

We are a non-profit- our 501C3 non-profit tax I.D. number is 03-0467307for more info visit felinenetwork.org


These four “superhero” kittens are ready for adoption.  They include three boys (Black Panther, Flash and Thor) and one girl (Batgirl).  They are between four and five months old, short-haired and ready to tackle the world.  They are playful, active, love to be around their human and comfortable with dogs and other animals. 

These kittens were rescued through Feline Network and are litterbox trained, vaccinated, fixed and microchipped.   Their early life experience makes them a bit shy when they meet new people, but don’t let this fool you!  They really like people.  Once they feel safe in their new home they will want to be around you. 

If you are interested in adopting these kittens, please contact Valarie at 805-234-2434.

Connor and Sophie

Connor is a playful one-and-a-half-year-old boy. He loves being carried around and is very curious about the world and whatever you are doing right now. He has the softest short brown and gray tuxedo coat and loves to flop over for you to pet him.  He is very good at using the litter box and even waiting his turn when his sister is occupying it. 

He will need some work on expressing his excitement in ways other than softly biting (never hard, and just from pure excitement).  He loves to play with other cats but may be a bit much for children. He would be a happy indoor kitty.

Sophia is a lover of cuddles and sleeping. She loves hanging out in whatever room you are in and watching you do things. She has short brown and grey tuxedo tabby fur that she keeps well-manicured.  She is very good about using the litter box and loves spending time burying the evidence.  She was a stray momma that wandered into a house and just made herself at home.  She loves to play with other cats and gently plays with people. She does best as an indoor kitty.

These two would love to be adopted together, but they can be adopted individually as well.

Connor and Sophia are fixed, up to date on their vaccinations, microchipped, and their adoption includes a free first visit vet voucher. 

Call Elaine: 805-458-3978


Sheba is ready for her forever home!


Sheba is a lovely, black, short haired, small cat about 4 months old.  She has a demure personality and is very loving and sweet. Although she likes her kitty play time she tends to be less active and on the quieter side.  She loves a lap and to be held close and petted. Sheba is spayed, tested, up to date on vaccines, microchipped with perfect litter box habits.

Call Christine for more information: 805-544-6138

Fluffy Georgie and Gabby

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Georgie & Gabby are a bonded pair of black, fluffy, 8-9 week old kittens who were rescued and are now ready for their forever home.

Georgie is a favorite because he is so sweet and has such a gentle endearing personality.
He is always the first to greet his foster mom, and he loves being cuddled and loved on.
Georgie has white eyebrows and expressive eyes!

Gabby is an independent, super soft, purring puff ball. She has a sweet and loving nature, and is very bonded with her big brother Georgie.

Please consider adopting this bonded pair of siblings.

Call Robin (818) 269-4184

Our adoption fees cover:
flea control
testing for FIV/FELV/Heart-worm
free first vet visit voucher

We are a non-profit- our 501C3 non-profit tax I.D. number is 03-0467307
for more info visit felinenetwork.org

Meet Markey, and Maddie

Markey and Maddie are 3.5 month old sibling kittens.  They would do well adopted individually or as a pair.

Markey is black and short-haired.  He is a gentle, active, boy kitten who loves to run around and play.  You can pick him up and hold and pet him and he will purr.  He gets along very well with his sister, Maddie.  He would do best with another friendly, younger cat.  He has no experience with dogs, but I believe that he would accept one if introduced properly. Markey would probably be okay with children if they are cat-savvy and properly introduced.  Markey is active enough that he should not be left alone for long periods of time as he might develop bad habits. 

Maddie is a short-haired, petite female tortie with small white markings.  She is a gentle, affectionate girl who loves to be petted.  You can kiss her and hold her and she will love you for it.  She gets along well with her brother, Markey.  She is calm and friendly.  She has not been with small children, but would probably be okay with them if they are cat-savvy.  Maddie not overly active, although she does like to play with Markey.

Both kittens are fixed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and their adoption includes a free first visit vet voucher.

Call Randal for details: 408-858-1880

Bonded Brothers Freddie and Shadow

Freddie and Shadow are two very bonded brothers, medium-size, between 4 and 5 months old, and gentle as can be. With their sweet, affectionate nature they would make a great addition to any family.  They are also dog-friendly.

Freddie is a medium hair black and white tuxedo with long, gorgeous whiskers. He is very affectionate and loves to be held close when in your lap.  He has a very outgoing personality and is friendly with everyone.  He is also full of energy and likes his kitty play time.

Shadow is a sleek black cat, short hair with fur so very soft.  He is a bit more reticent than his brother but just as loving once he gets to know you.  He too is playful and adventurous but takes his cues from his brother about their next activity together, whether it be looking out the window, romping on the floor or sleeping curled up next to one another on the couch.

Both are perfectly healthy, neutered, microchipped, up-to-date with vaccines and litter box trained.  To meet these wonderful cats, contact Christine: (805) 544-6138

The Sweetheart Bunch!

This Sweetheart Bunch of kittens is four months old. They consist of three girls (Quatro, Blackie, and CC)  and one boy (Biggie). All are very loving and sweet and purr constantly.

They were rescued at three weeks old, and have been in a loving foster home with adult cats and a small dog. First thing in the mornings they are a rowdy, ruff and tumble bunch, running around chasing each other and playing tag. Later they are all wanting to snuggle up on the couch for cuddles and a cat nap. These four are very bonded and therefor we are requesting that they be adopted in pairs. Studies show that it is a win win for them and for the adopters, including that they live longer!

For more details please contact Benita at (805) 806-5001

Our adoption fees cover: spay/neutering, vaccinations, microchip, flea control, testing for FIV/FELV/Heartworm, deworming, and a free first vet visit voucher 
We are a non-profit- our 501C3 non-profit tax I.D. number is 03-0467307for more info visit felinenetwork.org

Grace, the graceful

Grace is a 2-year old petite, short-haired, dilute-tortoise-shell kitty. She is sweet to the core but is shy with new people and will take time to warm up to her new home. Once you gain her trust, you will feel charmed as she allows you to pet her unbelievably-plush and silky fur; she will purr for you and may lightly drool as she settles in for blissful pets. While shy with new people, she absolutely adores other cats and would love to be adopted to a child-free home with an adult male kitty (or pup) who will let her snuggle up to them, groom them, and sleep at their side. She has perfect litterbox hygiene, manners, and is ready to find a forever home who give her time and space to settle in. She will pay back your love, understanding and kindness in spades. 

Grace is fixed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and her adoption includes a free first visit vet voucher. 

Call Kristin for more details: 805-550-9064


Amazing Kitties “Glowy” and “Holiday”

These bonded one-year-old, short-haired, medium-sized brothers are black in color and have wonderful personalities. 

Glowy has gorgeous golden eyes and one long white whisker. Glowy will cuddle with you at night and sleep at your side. He turns into the purriest fur baby when you start petting his tummy.

Holiday has striking emerald eyes and a signature white patch of fur on his chest. He enjoys sleeping under the covers during the day and hanging out with you at night. He loves chin scratches and belly rubs, and his favorite activities are playing with toys and watching birds and bugs. 

Glowy and Holiday get along well with other friendly kitties (but please no alpha-male cats that might bully them) and would likely do well in a home with a pup or two (but no children). They are house and litter box trained, have no special needs other than being allowed to sleep in bed (and under the covers) and being rescued by a family that can provide patience as they settle in and get acquainted with their new humans and home. These brothers will add love, tenderness, and humor to their forever home and will keep you smiling at their many unique qualities. 

Glowy and Holiday are fixed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and their adoption includes a free first visit vet voucher. 
Call or text Kristin for details: 805-550-9064

Yard and Garage Cats

Do you want to rid your yard or garage of pesky critters? Our hardworking felines will scare them away in no time. Then they will look beautiful in your space as they keep patrol.

We have spayed/neutered healthy cats with shots that may be skittish but need safe homes with some kind of shelter from the elements. Feed and water them daily and they won’t let you down.