Trudy, Madly, Deeply! Tabby Teenage Girl 

Trudy is a recent rescue.

She is madly wanting a forever home!
If you are deeply committed and a real animal lover, she may be your purr-fect match!
She came to us from a feral colony, but has such potential that we could not put her back out in the colony. Please consider this stunning, and super soft tabby female.
She is shy, timid, and nervous, however, we think with more interaction these traits will fade away.
If you have a quiet home, and are looking to make a difference, please consider adopting Trudy.
Her littermate McDuff is also available (an orange tabby male).
Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232

McDuff Orange Tabby Teenager!

McDuff is a six month old medium hair orange tabby.

He came to us as a feral kitten, and he was just too wonderful to put back in with the colony.
Please consider giving him a home.
He is shy, timid, and a little nervous.
He is also the world’s softest cat ever!
He is not a biter, does not hiss, he is just not sure of humans yet.
If you think that you could offer him a long term home with lots of love, we would love to have you meet him. He has big feet, and a big heart!
Tested, fixed, up to date on vaccines, he just needs a home to call his own.
His sister, Trudy is also available should you be interested in a bonded set of siblings!
He is ready to be adopted today!
Call Roxanne *805) 801-5232 for more info.

Confetti Betty

Confetti because of the speckles on her ears and legs, Betty just needs a home to call her own!
Recently rescued,  this young approximately 5 year old exotic shorthair mix is needing her forever home!
These adult cats often are overlooked, and remain in foster homes too long. Please help her wait be over!
She has a wonderful disposition when she is able to unwind.
Finally her kittens are all adopted, and now it is her turn to shine!
If you have an inclining towards something unusual she is the girl
for you.
Tested vet checked and fixed.
Up to date on vaccines.
She would appreciated a quieter home-life, ideally with a retired couple or single person wanting a companion cat.
Call Roxanne at 805-801-5232.


is an amazingly sweet, super social love bug!
She is a recent rescue by this non-profit.
Vet checked, confirmed spayed, (ear tipped from a prior life time…) up dated on vaccines including rabies, deflead, dewormed, and ready to go home.
You will not regret adopting this amazing blue eyed siamese wonder.
She is soft, sweet, and so truly the perfect cat.
She loves belly rubs, laps that are inviting, and ear scratches!
A warm sunny spot often will call to her as a napping place.
Very content to be a house cat, ideally with someone home more than they are gone!
Please consider visiting her today.

Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232

3 Mouse-Keteers Tabby Kittens!

3 amazing brown over white sibling tabbies!

These kittens are adorable, sweet, friendly and super playful!
They are almost 3 mos old, with the energy level that is average for their age.
From Left to Right:
Karrie- She is sweet, and has big eyes, a smaller petite face.
Kirk- The only boy. He is larger than his two little sisters. Very handsome!
Kodi- She is sweet, big eyed, small faced with a white spot on her back.
Although they are mouse-keteers these kittens are not barn cats.
If you have an appropriate home, and want a wonderful companion cat(s) this is the litter!
Please consider adopting one or two of these very deserving sibling.
Available for adoption TODAY!
Vet checked, fixed, up to date on vaccines, dewormed and deflead.
Lap trained and litter box literate.
Call Roxanne to visit today!  (805) 801-5232

From the Wild Side to Wild About Cats!

Ferdinand & Madrid are a stunning rescued brother and sister!

They are amber eyed mini-panthers with amazing fortitude and survival skills that make MacGyver look like an amateur. They purr often and easily. They just need some more hands on time.
If you have ever started with a formerly feral kitten, and received the amazing satisfaction from being patient and open to letting them evolve on their own time frame, then this amazing duo may be the ones for you.
Now teenagers, clipped ears and all, they are so deserving of a wonderful home.
Please consider adopting this very bonded pair, if you are patient and trustworthy that will go a long way with these two.
Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232

Deserves the Best! 

Roma is a stunning 7-8 year old Torbie female.

Sure she’s older, and looks like a cougar, but she isn’t one🙂
She is a very low key, relaxed and easy to care for cat.
This cat has been challenged by the lack of an ongoing home and just needs a place to call her own.
Are you willing and able to share your space with this sweet soul?
I am looking for a long term situation that would provide her some acceptance & love.
She requires a quiet home, with very little chaos and noise.
No other pets are a must.
She is fixed, micro-chipped, and up to date on her vaccines.
Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232

Duffy & Trudy Truly Need a Home! Adopt Now

20160902_144157Duffy and Trudy are recent rescues.

As evidenced by their clipped ears the plan was to return them to their colony situation.
The foster who has been working with them feels that they are too loving & sweet to be turned back out.
We are hoping to find someone willing to continue their socializing. They purr constantly, and can be held and cuddled. They are still a bit nervous and shy. They have been vetted, fixed and are up to date on their vaccines. All they need is a place to call their own, with a person that will let them slowly acclimate to being who they are without the fear.
Please consider Duffy & Trudy as a pair as they are a very bonded pair of siblings!
Ready to adopt TODAY!
Call Roxanne for more info.  (805) 801-5232

Sweet Shilo

Meet Shilo, a very sweet boy about 1 and 1/2 a years old. He is a beautiful glossy black with a small white “necklace”, amber eyes and weighs 9-10 lbs.

He is a little shy at first but once he warms up, he is calm and loves to be stroked (jumped into my lap on day 7 in our house!).

He is not aggressive and gets along well with our two cats, ignoring the older one and playing “swat and chase” with our 2-year-old.
He is gradually adjusting to our big, rambunctious golden retriever.
He might be happiest in a multi-cat home, since he is very “busy” when left to his own devices.  For instance, he like to seek out high spots.
He was found on the street, but is housebroken and seems happy being an indoor kitty.
One caution:  He likes rubbing up against and winding through everyone’s legs, so might not be the best match for an older person or someone with balance issues.
Has been neutered, chipped, tested for leukemia and FIV, de-fleaed and dewormed.  Ready to go to his forever home!
Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for more information.

4 Scaredy Cat Kittens!

Four shy (formerly feral) sibling kittens are all looking for their new forever homes! Please consider adopting one or more from this group of siblings.
Mia (b&w female) Milo (siamese mix male)
*Must go to a home together as these two siblings are very bonded.
They are bookends!

Also available is Ferdinand (all black male) and sister Madrid (Tortie).

They all play, they all purr, but they are all needing a patient situation that will assist them in acclimating to being part of a family and in a home. We have come so far and they just need those special someone’s to finish this project of the heart!
Vet checked, tested, fixed and up to date on vaccines.
Litter box trained too.
We have no doubt that these kittens will all make wonderful companion cats, given just a little bit of time.
Please call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 today for more information!

Kaboodle of Kittens!

We currently have a Kaboodle of Kittens!
More than several bonded pairs of sibling kittens! They are available for adoption TODAY!
They are healthy, vet checked, fixed, tested, and up to date on their vaccinations.
Litter box trained, and ready for to begin their new lives.

These kittens are temporarily impacted by being rescues, and are in need of socialization.They are certainly scaredy cats, although they have come a
very long way in a short period of time!

We are looking for cat lovers, who are patient, kind and able to be understanding as they assist in acclimating these amazing rescues.
Please call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232


Wally and lucy

Wally is an eight pound big boy who is a total goofball. He does not bite humans but loves to roughhouse with the dog and other cats. He is not mean, just very playful. He likes to climb in your lap, sleep with you and be brushed. He is a little uncoordinated like a toddler but it just makes him more adorable. He is shy around kids. Does not bite or scratch, just shy at first.

For more information call Pamela at (805) 541-6111.

Yard and Garage Cats

Do you want to rid your yard or garage of pesky critters? Our hardworking felines will scare them away in no time. Then they will look beautiful in your space as they keep patrol.

We have spayed/neutered healthy cats with shots that may be skittish but need safe homes with some kind of shelter from the elements. Feed and water them daily and they won’t let you down.