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Sweet & Gentle Heather!

I am Heather and I am looking for a forever home.
I am a really sweet and gentle girl that loves to curl up on your lap.
I love my catnip mouse and bounce around playing with it.
Mostly I just love snuggling.
My fur is really soft and medium length.
I am about 9 months old.
I am silver grey all over with beautiful yellow eyes.
I LOVE chicken but my foster mom makes me eat regular cat food. Uhh!
I have been well trained so expect me to always be good.
I am good with dogs and other cats but . . . I want your lap!
This rescued sweetheart is ready to be adopted today.
Feline Network has had her vet checked, tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia, spayed, etc.
She has perfect litter box habits.
Heather would do best in a quieter, peaceful home setting.
Adoption fee includes FREE first vet visit voucher.
Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232



OB (Orange Boy) is a long lean and large short haired tabby male.
They do not come any sweeter than this boy.We are pretty sure that this big boy has used up a number of his 9 lives.
Feline Network rescued him from a major coyote area, and he has some battle scars to show for it.
OB was once someone’s beloved pet, but he was discarded, and is now starved for attention and love.
He is a gentle purring lap cat, with plenty of love to give.
OB is between 9-10 years old.
His caretaker is wanting a wonderful cat loving long term home, where he can be spoiled and part of a family.
Please consider OB if you want a gentle giant sort…
Call Roxanne for details: 805 801-5232

Belle!  *Amber Eyed Sweetheart


Belle is a 7-8 yr old domestic short haired amber eyed, diluted calico female.
Twice she has had homes that moved away, and just left her.
Feline Network of the Central Coast has taken her in, and we are seeking a long term home with a non-drifter.
She has been vet checked, tested, (spayed as a kitten), and is up to date on all vaccinations.
Belle will do best in a mellow (no small children) peaceful setting.
Ideally she would be inside but have some outside access (this is what she is used to) in a neighborhood that is not highly trafficked.
Belle is so deserving a wonderful cat loving home.
Create a cat sanctuary, and adopt this cat 🙂
Call Roxanne for details (805) 801-5232

Honey Bunny! Seeks Purr-fect Setting

honey bunny.PNG
Honey Bunny is a young 2-3 year old diluted calico female.
She was rescued by Feline Network from her former home on acreage.
Honey Bunny is deserving of the purr-fect setting, where she can be who she is, and we are confident that with more time she will become an amazing companion cat.
For now, Honey Bunny is very fearful of new people.
The foster mom can pet her, but it has taken time and patience.
She wants so much to be loved on and petted.
She is just fearful.
She kneads, she makes biscuits and purrs.
Often she rolls over (forgetting her fear) for belly rubs, but is afraid of the actual belly rub.
Honey Bunny likes to head-butt against your hand to inform you that she is waiting to be petted.
Ideally she would be in a SAFE inside/outside environment (she is not for the ranch life) – where her caretaker would be patient and loving, assisting with her acclimation to being a loved pet.
Please be a long term home, willing to go the extra mile.
HB is recently vet checked, spayed of course, and up to date on her vaccinations.
Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for more information.