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The Real Housecat of AG.

Barbie is the REAL housecat of AG.
She’s on the prowl for her chance to shine in your forever home!
Just plenty of catitude!
Her Story:
Barbie is a very loving and playful approximately 2 year old domestic short hair torti who sometime in the past sustained leg fractures to both of her back legs that have healed improperly. She quickly has learned how to compensate and thrive despite her leg injuries.
She recently finished nursing a set of motherless kittens after her own kittens were weaned.
She definitely earns mother of the year!
She loves to play with toys and can keep herself entertained with shaker mice indefinitely.
She also likes to climb and sun her self in any bright sunny spot she can find.
Barbie let’s you know when she wants your attention by head butting, rubbing, and purring so loudly you can hear her throughout the house. She loves treats too! Barbie doesn’t appear to be in pain and has learned how to safely get to where she wants to go.
We easily modified her environment just a little bit for her safety.
Barbie needs a cat loving safe inside only home, with LOTS OF LOVE.
Barbie has been vet checked, spayed, tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia, flea treated, etc.
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You can adopt one of our beautiful cats or kittens at our Adopt-a-Cat in front of Petco in Madonna Plaza some Saturdays from 11:00 to 3:00.