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Looking For Something Sweet?  Otter Pop

If you are looking for something sweet, look no further!
Otter Pop is a very sweet all black short haired young adult cat.
Recently rescued and being fostered in Arroyo Grande.
Vet checked, neutered, vaccinated, and litter box perfect.
Please consider this very affectionate kitty, if you can provide for him a safe long term cat loving home.
His past includes being picked on by other cats at a feral feeding station.
Otter would likely do well with another cat if properly introduced slowly.
He is a very smart cat, and he would be ideal for someone who wants a sweet companion cat.
Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232

Abby & Zoey   *2 Yr Old Sister PAIR- Main Coon Mix

Abby and Zoey are sisters ( 2 years old) recently rescued by our non-profit feline rescue.
They are both very sweet and actively seek attention and affection.
They are almost identical to one another and, initially, it is hard to tell one apart from the other.
However, Zoey is somewhat smaller than Abby.
Zoey will like being a lap cat.
Abby tends to be more physically active and likes to move about more.

They both have stunning markings, expressive big eyes, luxurious long soft fur, and fluffy tails!
Neither one does much meowing; however one hears some meows occasionally from Zoey: usually when she wants me to stop petting Abby and start petting HER.

They still are somewhat shy, so we are seeking a home without small children.
Loud unexpected noises do startle them.

They probably have NOT had any experience with dogs and a dog’s presence might be over-whelming for them (unless you have a very quiet and mellow dog).
These kitties are both gems and will thrive in the right environment and be excellent companions.
Abby & Zoey have had recent major changes and adjustments, so please be a cat loving cat sauvy patient sort, who will give them some space and time to acclimate. In other words, they will not jump up on your lap on Day #1.
They will however on Day #1 steal your heart a little bit, and each day thereafter you will begin to see what gems they are.

Vet records are up to date, and their medical files come with them.
Nominal rehoming fee, includes a voucher for a FREE FIRST VET VISIT VOUCHER.

Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for more info.

Houdini and Lelah

Harry Houdini and his best friend Lelah are needing a new home.
This could be your chance for a turn-key family! 🙂
Please consider this pair, if you are a cat lover and able to provide them with a safe long term home!
Harry Houdini is an eight month old solid super soft black whispy long haired boy. His best friend 10 month old Lelah is a gray short haired tuxedo.
She has that very plush Russian Blue feeling fur coat.
They have been in a home together, and we are trying to find an adoptive home that will adopt the both of them.Harry and Lelah are sweet, friendly cats!
They have no bad habits, and are a joy to be around.
Both are healthy and come with their health records.
Harry and Lelah have both been tested, fixed and are up to date on their vaccinations.

They are Inside Only kitties.

Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 today to meet this remarkable pair! They are being fostered in Arroyo Grande.


Little Lucy!



Little Lucy is a small (under 7 pounds) cream and orange female rescue.
We estimate her to be around two years old. She has been vet checked, tested for FIV & FeLV (all negative) and is up to date on vaccinations.
Lucy loves to be around people. She is slowly learning to trust.

Little Lucy is ready for adoption today.
Please consider rehoming this rescue if you are at least 21 years old, and can provide a safe long term cat loving home. Nominal rehoming fee of $60.00 applies, which includes a free first vet visit voucher.
Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 today for more info on Little Lucy.


Winslow! Super Loving Lap Lover


Winslow Homer is an amazing boy.
He is 8-9 months old, and he is very animated and he is also a social butterfly.
Winslow loves to be part of the family, and connects strongly to his humans.
He will do best if not home alone all day, so for this reason, please have another cat friend for him, or be home more often than gone!
Winslow loves a lap.
If you are working at your desk, he will mosey on up and curl up until you move him!
Winslow loves to meet and greet whoever comes over, and he is also a fishing pole fanatic.
He enjoys well behaved children, and he would also do well with a respectful dog friend.
Winslow is available now.
He has been vet checked, fixed, tested and he is up to date on his kitten shots.
Litter box – perfect.
Please consider adopting this sweet boy only if you can offer him a long term loving home.
Foster home is in Arroyo Grande.
Call Roxanne to meet him today- (805) 801-5232