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Rudy Valentino **LOVER CAT needs forever home…. ADOPT RUDY!

Meet Rudy Valentino! What a fabulously amazing man.  He is quiet and is SUCH A LOVER!!  His displays of and need for affection are surprising at this stage because he was abandoned by his prior owner (as far as we understand).  Rudy had been an indoor little dude, and when his owner left he, of course, became an outdoor cat until he was rescued by Feline Network.  He came to us with some battle wounds…. not prepared for the cruel outside world …. but now he is 100% fixed up and ready to roll!


The vet believes Rudy to be 2-3 years old, and he is just shy of 10 pounds… so he is a petite little man with a crazy amount of love to share with someone.  When I first met Rudy at his foster’s home, he was eager to interact!  Lots of headbutts and head nudges and longing looks right into my eyes!  He just wanted my love and my attention.  Rudy wasn’t obnoxious about it!  When we’d become familiar, he was happy to look for a toy to bat or just hang out and listen to chatter amongst the people.  You won’t meet a sweeter guy!


All Feline Network cats/kittens have been fixed, tested, and are up-to-date on vaccinations. Every adoption includes is a FREE FIRST VET-VISIT VOUCHER.

Rehoming fee of $60.00 applies.

Meet Rudy in Arroyo Grande.


Please text/call Roxanne for more information: (805) 801-5232

Maui the Magnificent *Gorgeous Young Cat Needs You — Adopt!

When Maui first went to his foster home in mid-February, he was scared, upset and angry. Maybe this was due to the fact that his owner didn’t like Maui so turned him in to the animal shelter. Poor Maui didn’t know how to trust, how to love or receive love, or how to play. What a sad start to a potentially fabulous life.

It is unknown how he is or will be with dogs and other cats. He is a gorgeous long-haired orange + white tabby and is just 1 1/2 years old. For his age, he seems to be a pretty low-energy dude, as he will mainly lie around and sleep. Since going into his foster home, this beautiful guy has gained a few pounds (currently weighs approx. 12 lbs) and is much less grumpy — his personality has begun to blossom!

When his foster dad enters the room, Maui is often sweetly waiting for him. He prefers to smell/lick his finger first in order to verify his dad’s identity. Maui has come to really enjoy head rubs! As with most cats, he doesn’t like anyone touching his tummy, even though he will sometimes roll onto his back. He loves playing with toys … especially anything hanging from a string or a pole. His foster dad says he enjoys being read to 🙂 , and he will happily share a nap with his foster parents (purring happily!).

He should be adopted by someone who is truly a cat lover… one who is cat-savvy. He needs to be understood and respected, as well as appreciated for the amazing guy he WILL become with more time and more love! Maui is OK on the lap for a while, but at this point he prefers to be stretched out partly across a leg … or curled up and stretched out with a paw or two touching his person 🙂 . When relaxed like this, he purrs quite a bit. He has clearly made AMAZING progress in just a few weeks’ time!

Maui will need a calm environment so he can settle in to and feel safe in his forever home with his forever person in peace. No children. He is a lovely boy who will blossom even more with consistent TLC … are you the one who can give that to him??

All Feline Network cats/kittens have been fixed, tested, and are up-to-date on vaccinations. Also included is a FREE FIRST VET VISIT VOUCHER with every adoption.
Rehoming fee of $60.00 applies.

Please text/call Roxanne for more information: (805) 801-5232