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Make Boo Boo All Better!  Adopt Now

Do you want to make Boo Boo all better?
If so then please consider adopting this rescue!
Boo Boo is a two-year-old super chill domestic short-haired neutered all black male cat.
If you have ever cared for a black cat, then you know how awesome they are!
Boo Boo has an incredibly loving and playful disposition, but he can also be the quiet observer 🙂
Give him a sunspot to nap in, and he’s all about that.
Boo Boo loves belly rubs and will be your constant companion.
He would be wonderful with a family that includes children.
Boo Boo has been vet checked and is up to date on vet care including vaccinations.
Nominal Rehoming Fee applies and he comes with a FREE first vet visit voucher.
Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for details.



Kiki   *Affectionate Young Tuxedo   Adopt Now

KiKi is a recent rescue by this local feline non-profit.
She is only a year old, and is available now.
KiKI is a tuxedo with 4 white furry slippers!
She is recently vet checked, tested for both FIV & Feline Leukemia (negative), she is fixed and is up to date on vaccinations.
KiKi is a super chill, very affectionate, mellow cat.
A breeze to have and care for.  Kiki loves to give hugs and will nibble on your ear if you let her. She has wonderful house manners and is easy to have around.
Kiki loves to play and is very curious and entertaining.
We are wanting a cat lover to step forward and claim her as their own!
KiKi is so deserving of a home filled with warmth and love.
Adopt Today!

Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232



Raja! Corkscrewed Bobtailed Beauty!

Raja is a stunning bobtailed (corkscrewed) large short-haired tabby female.
Our non-profit rescue group is assisting in rehoming this sweet cat.
Raja is a super easy cat to keep with low demands for attention.
Are you wanting some companionship without the chaos of a new kitten?
If so please consider adopting this middle-aged cat!
She was spayed as a kitten, is up to date on her vaccinations and has a very nominal rehoming fee.
Please be cat savvy and able to keep her as an inside only cat (what she has known her entire life).
Please call Roxanne if interested (805) 801-5232

Iris!  Sweet & Irresistible Tortie


Meet Iris.
She is a stunning, very sweet and totally irresistible young short-haired female Tortie.
Approximately two years old she was rescued along with her seven babies.
Iris has come a long way from her previous situation and we would be delighted to find her a forever home.
Please be a cat-loving, long term situation.
All of our rescues are vet checked, tested, and fixed prior to adoption.
Our feline rescue network of volunteers makes it easy to adopt a cat.
Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 today to meet this sweet doe-eyed girl.

Miss Daisy! Tuxedo Treasure – Adopt Now

Please consider this sweet rescue.

Miss Daisy is a five-year-old short haired tuxedo female.

She has graduated from the school of hard knocks, and we are seeking a long term cat-loving home where she will be spoiled rotten! She is a sweet cat, who can be a vocal girl when she wants your attention.

She has been vet checked, confirmed spayed, and updated on vaccinations.

Miss Daisy LOVES to play.

She will climb into her toybox and take each toy out to study them!

We are still working on training her to put them all back in!

Daisy especially loves fishing poles and balls.

Ideally, Daisy will find a safe indoor-outdoor home.

She loves being outside, but will need to be inside only for a stretch of time, until she knows that she is finally home!

Please live in a safe area, not on a busy street or in the middle of an area known for predators.

She must be inside at night.

Daisy will make someone a great companion cat.

She just needs a fresh start, in a new home where she can be appreciated for the wonderful cat that she is.

Please call Roxanne if interested (805) 801-5232

Nishiki! Wonderful Cat Needs Wonderful Human!

You could not ask for a more purr-fect cat.
Nishiki is a super sweet recent rescue, with her prior owner having to be placed in a care facility.
Nishiki is an older spayed beautiful petite golden tabby female with short hair but she is long on the ability to be a companion. Sadly she had been displaced for some months without being cared for, and she arrived to us scrawny and needing some serious TLC. Nishiki is a resilient survivor, and so deserving of some serious pampering and love.
She is now in great shape for being an older cat, in fact, one of our volunteers thought that she was a ten-month-old kitten! Please be able to provide a long term cat-loving home for this senior citizen cat.
Nishiki has wonderful manners and is a super tidy, easy-going kitty.
Her foster mom says that she is wonderful.
She is cuddler and non-stop purrer!
Nishiki, will always be up on the couch next to you, or up on the bed.
There is no better experience than to adopt an older pet.
Please consider her, she is available now!
She has been Vet checked, updated on vaccinations etc.
We provide a FREE first vet visit voucher as well.
Call Roxanne to meet this marvelous girl!  (805 ) 801-5232