Lano, Possum, and Dillo are 1-year-old, bonded brothers who must be adopted together. They are dynamite cats, such characters, and so loving. They may take time to settle into their new home, then will keep you laughing, ‘awwwe’ing, and you will be celebrating your decision to adopt them together. They are inseparable, constantly sleeping with, playing with, and grooming each other. 

Lano is an adorable and snuggly tuxedo kitty who will ‘mew’ to you and kiss your hand before nuzzling his head into your palm. His foster mom calls him “Baby Cat” because he will absolutely look to you as a parent. 

Dillo is a large, dark, chocolatey-brown buddy who relishes your pets and cuddles. His extreme contentment leads to a loving (and light) drool while he makes muffins into his favorite fluffly cat bed. 

Possum is a big, gorgeous tuxedo, who is a bit on the shy side, then he will follow you room to room and rub your legs any time you sit down. He is loyal, affectionate and will give you the most heart-meltingly love-filled gazes you can imagine. 

Fixed, vaccinated, microchipped, tested and their adoption includes a voucher for a free vet exam.  

For adoption info, call Kristin (805) 550-9064