My name is Spirit. I am a female black manx cat and I am about 8 years old. I need a forever home because my owner had to go to a nursing home.

 I like to be the “only cat” and I don’t like other cats. My owner was elderly and we didn’t have many visitors, so I am also shy around people. But if you are patient and give me a chance to get to know you, I will be your best friend. I love to be held and petted and will sit in your lap to watch TV. I play with balls and feathers and strings and I love high places, especially cat trees. And I love to have my belly scratched. I am easy to handle and will let you trim my claws. I especially like you to hold my little manx tail. I purr a lot and will talk to you when I want attention. I may be shy at first but I love to explore and will make myself at home with you quickly.

I use the litter box well and eat both wet & dry food. If you want an affectionate solo companion cat who likes a quiet life, I am the cat for you!

Fixed and microchipped!

Cally Lynette for adoption information:  805-556-0717