Sima and Beegee are sisters born June 2022 looking for a sympathetic home to accommodate their shyness. 

Sima is a Tortie Point Siamese with arctic blue eyes and gorgeous markings. Once Sima warms up, she is an absolute sweetheart; she may flop over for belly rubs and she has the most beautiful purr. 

Beegee is a brown tabby and was the smallest of her litter; she tolerates humans but absolutely loves her sister and other cats. She is highly independent, and at this stage, prefers to be pet on her head, chin and neck. She will continue to socialize (at her own pace), and may never be a highly-affectionate kitty. 

Both love to explore the house; it is a joy to watch them race between cat towers and play games with adult cats. Both are part Siamese and highly dexterous; they can pick up food and toys with their hands, and Sima, especially, will balance on her hind legs while a string bobs above her in the air. Sima will ‘trill’ to you to say hello or call to her sister (and Beegee comes running to her side). They are an adorable pair.

These two wonderful girls have perfect litter box and household habits and would do best in an adult-only home; they will do well with dogs and other cats.

They are fixed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and their adoption comes with a free first vet exam voucher. 

For adoption info, call Kristin (805) 550-9064