Henri is a one-year-old ‘bullseye’ tabby with radiantly-orange fur. He is looking for a home that has experience with cats, big hearts, and who will diligently provide his twice-per-day medications, special food, and the affection that Henri needs to thrive. 

Henri adores his human(s) and is grateful for every moment of attention. Once he knows you, he will look into your face (through squinted eyes) with the greatest love and gratitude. He will nuzzle his face into yours, and his motor of a purr will tell you how extremely happy he is. He spends his days curled up on his favorite cat perch with his best friend “Possum” (a beloved stuffed animal that he snuggles with), and he can be playful, especially at night. Henri seeks comfort, contentment, and love over exploits and adventures. He is a very mellow sweetheart. 

Henri was likely exposed to a toxin before birth or has a congenital defect that causes lower-than-average musculature. He has no problems getting around, but his condition causes his eyes to be a little sunken in (because his eye muscles aren’t holding them forward), so his eyelids overlap. Because he seems ‘different’ to other cats, he is an easy target for bullying. Henri loves other cats, most especially kittens- oh does Henri love kittens! He would be a fabulous only-cat or would do well in a home with other cats that will treat Henri nicely. He will also likely do well with gentle, mellow dogs and in an adult-only home. 

Henri is unique. He is beloved. He is seeking a home that is truly looking to rescue a cat in need and provide unconditional love and care for life. His special urinary food (to prevent crystals) and medications (1 oral steroid and 3 eye ointments) make Henri a more costly kitty to care for than average. He should continue to see a feline ophthalmologist at least once per year. If you would like to be a part of Henri’s rescue and his forever home, please get in touch. 

For adoption info, call Kristin Perl (805) 550-9064