Love-Of-Your-Life Luna

Luna is a 10-year-old, long-haired Blue Cream Torti Point Balinese mix cat with plushy-soft fur. Born without eyelids, she had surgery, as a kitten, to allow her eyes to be comfortable and healthy for life. Because she can only close her eyes halfway, she covers her head with her arm when she sleeps to ‘turn out the lights,’ or tucks her head into her cushion. 

Luna is a sweet, affectionate, and happy girl who is shy of new people (especially men). She prefers a female human companion (or a loving couple) who will be patient as she settles into her new home. Then, she will gladly be the love of your life and your doting fur baby. She will follow you everywhere, and the minute you sit or lay down, she will be in your lap or at your side. She will chat to you and stand on her hind legs to request kisses and pets.  

Luna is fixed, up to date on vaccinations, and her adoption includes her favorite home items, including her cat tree, food, toys, etc. Luna is an indoor-only cat; she has perfect litterbox and household habits and would love to be adopted to a quiet home with no other cats, dogs or kids. 

*Luna is in the care of the human mom who adopted her, as a kitten, and due to family circumstance, has to find a new home for her. Feline Network is assisting with Luna’s rehoming.

For adoption information, call Kristin (805) 550-9064