Heart-meltingly shy and sweet, LuLu and BuBu are a 6-month-old brother-and-sister pair who must be adopted together. They are short-haired, half-Siamese gray-brown tabbies with luminous hazel eyes. BuBu has a leopard spot pattern on his sides and LuLu is more ‘stripey,’ and they have distinctive facial features. 

As part-Siamese kitties, they ‘trill’ adorably to each other, fall asleep with their arms wrapped around one another, and even walk with their long, agile tails coiled around the other’s. They are highly dexterous; they stand on their hind legs while holding a toy between their front paws or while patiently waiting for a dangling ribbon to venture their way. While they may look like tabbies, their long, lean bodies and many of their traits and mannerisms are distinctly Siamese. 

LuLu and BuBu have perfect litter box and household habits and would love a quiet home with gentle, loving humans (who have experience as cat parents). They are wonderful with other cats and will be great with dogs. These kitties will be very shy when they arrive at their new home; then, with love, gentle pets, and patience, they will be your purring, eye-gazing, snuggling companions. 

LuLu and BuBu are healthy, fixed, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, flea-treated, tested, and their adoption includes a free first vet exam voucher. 

For adoption info, call Kristin (805) 550-9064