Soli and Mushu are not littermates but they have become sisters during their time in foster care. They snuggle together, groom each other, and Mushu reveres Soli.  Soli is a 5-month old short-haired orange tabby female (rare!) and Mushu is a 7-month old Seal Point Siamese female (also rare!). Soli and Mushu may appear shy, but once you start petting them they are two of the most affectionate kitties you will ever meet. They will do best in a mellow household and are likely to do well with cat-friendly, easy-going dogs and other cats.  

Fixed, vaccinated, tested, microchipped, have perfect litter box and household habits, and their adoption includes a free vet exam voucher.  

For adoption info, call Kristin (805) 550-9064