Dandy (male) and Dottie (female) are 9-year-old, short-haired, bonded, tabby siblings (born May 1, 2013). Their adorable markings and even more adorable personalities will win you over. Dandy is Mr. Social and will follow you around the house and explore. He loves pets and purrs like crazy! Dottie is shy at first, but once she settles in, she flops on her side for petting and tummy rubs. 

Dandy and Dottie are being rehomed, as a recent housing change has stressed Dandy to the point of weight loss. Because of his stress-related sensitive stomach, his vet has prescribed “Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein HP” for digestive sensitivities, and Dottie eats Purina One Indoor kibble. Their adopter will be sent home with their current supply of foods and probiotics, and some supplies. 

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped 

For adoption info, call Kristin (805) 550-9064