These gorgeous medium-haired Maine Coon-Siamese mix kittens were born in late July. 

We are looking for sympathetic homes who will give them time to settle in, gain trust with their new people, and live wonderful lives.

Opi is a larger-sized grey Maine Coon mix male who is social and friendly and a super mellow love bug once he settles in. He loves to be petted but is not a big fan of being picked up, but always wants to be with you. 

Jasper is a large male light-colored Siamese mix kitten with medium fur, blue eyes, and a fluffy tail. At first approach he is still a little shy and skittish but will let you hold him and is very gentle and calm.

They should do fine in homes with other cats and dogs.

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped, and their adoptions come with a free first vet exam voucher.  

Call Kristin for adoption information 805-550-9064