Born in May, this brother and sister pair are puuurrrfect for any home, even a busy one! Boss and Minnie are littermates. Originally from a litter of 4, “Boss” loved to tell everyone what to do, including his foster mom! Minnie was the smallest of the 4 (and the strongest!) with a petite face and little pink nose. Hence the nickname “Minnie”.  How do you tell us apart? Easy, Boss is significantly bigger, and they have different markings! They are the best of both worlds – social AND independent. They love their cat toys and will spend hours playing “soccer” on the hard flooring. These two are very well socialized. Our foster home is a busy one with teens, several other cats, and a large dog and they tolerate it all (and even like the chaos)!

Ultimately we would love to keep them together, but will consider all options.
Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.
Call Lynette for adoption info:  805-556-0717