This lovely litter of kittens were born June 1st and are ready for their forever homes!

Max is a black and white tuxedo shorthair kitten.  He is an active, playful boy but loving and affectionate when his play is done. He can be adopted by himself but would be happiest if he had a playmate.

Benny is a  brown tabby with white paws and chest, short hair. He is very laid back and relaxed and destined to be someone’s lap cat oneday. He loves to cuddle, be petted and he loves his play time too and would enjoy another cat to romp with.

Millie is a traditional dark brown tabby shorthair kitten. She likes to frolic and play with her littermates but is also very affectionate and loves her cuddle time.

All are friendly with other people but have not been around dogs or young children.  However, they are young enough that if properly introduced they should adapt very well.

Fixed, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.

Call Christine for adoption info: 805-544-6138