Dante, Zaka, and Picasso are a tightly bonded trio of male, medium-length haired kittens born August 2021. All are very social, playful, excel at being lap cats, and are not shy to demand cuddles.  Dante will run at full speed through the house or play fetch with you and has a little bit of a wild,  sassy side. Picasso is a little more laid back, and will carry his favorite toy around wherever he goes.  Zaka really craves closeness with his human! He’ll give you kisses, and sometimes even love bites, especially on your nose. Because of that, he probably shouldn’t be adopted with small children. 

They are very clean and have good manners. Please consider adopting one, a pair, or the three boys together in a house with no other cats (not sure how they would be with dogs).

For more info, please call Kristin at 805-550-9064.