Schmidty is a 9 year-old short-haired Abyssinian with gorgeous ‘ticked’ fur (like a rabbit). He is a big, healthy boy with purrfect litter box habits and an amazing heart. Schmidty was born with inverted lower eyelids, which were successfully repaired with surgery during his time in Feline Network’s care. His eyes are now wide open and bright! 

Schmidty loves to observe your tasks around the house before curling up on the couch for a nap. Mealtime is a favorite activity. Schmidty is playful, but prefers games that he can play while lying down, like batting at a shoelace. And catnip… one of his favorite things. 

Schmidty would love to find a home that will love him forever. He enjoys affection but he can get overstimulated with too much attention, so he would do best in a home with no kiddos. He would love to safely loll around the yard and occasionally visit the neighbors and he always comes home before dark. He does great living with other cats and will likely be a fabulous friend to pups, too; but he will defend his territory from feline visitors who do not live on the property.

His adoption includes a free follow up visit with the opthalmologist who performed his beautiful eyelid surgery. Feline Network has also scheduled (and will pay for) a dental cleaning.

Call Kristin for details: 805-550-9064