This Sweetheart Bunch of kittens is four months old. They consist of three girls (Quatro, Blackie, and CC)  and one boy (Biggie). All are very loving and sweet and purr constantly.

They were rescued at three weeks old, and have been in a loving foster home with adult cats and a small dog. First thing in the mornings they are a rowdy, ruff and tumble bunch, running around chasing each other and playing tag. Later they are all wanting to snuggle up on the couch for cuddles and a cat nap. These four are very bonded and therefor we are requesting that they be adopted in pairs. Studies show that it is a win win for them and for the adopters, including that they live longer!

For more details please contact Benita at (805) 806-5001

Our adoption fees cover: spay/neutering, vaccinations, microchip, flea control, testing for FIV/FELV/Heartworm, deworming, and a free first vet visit voucher 
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