This litter of 11-week old, short-haired kittens will amaze you with their incredible personalities and unique coloration and patterns! Three kittens are available for adoption:

PHANTOM is an absolute sweetheart. She gazes up at you with her crystal blue eyes, hopeful and patient for cuddle time. When you reach out to pat her, she closes her eyes and melts into your hand. She will win you over. She is the mostly-white kitty with the crystalline blue gaze.

JESS is the smallest of her litter and is her foster mom’s favorite. She is smart, observant, endlessly loving, and tends to the individual needs of her siblings. When Lila is shy and needs some coaxing to join the fun, Jess walks to her and leads her to the action. Kitties like Jess are few and far between. *Highly recommend adopting with Lila.

LILA- Lila is a shy girl who will amaze you when she comes out of her shell. Even when she feels bashful, she ‘flirts’ with you from a distance, letting you know that she wants your permission (or to be carried) to be included in the fun. She will be cautious of new people, but once you get her playing or cuddled in to snuggle time, she is content to be a part of it. *Highly recommend adopting with Jess.

All are house and litterbox trained, have no special health needs, and will likely do well in homes with other cats, dogs, and kids.

(The other kitties in the photos have already been claimed by their new families.)

All are fixed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and their adoption includes a free first visit vet voucher. 

Call Kristin for more information: 805-550-9064