Linus and Louie

These two siblings are the cutest.  They are about 11 weeks old.  Linus has medium length fur; he’s silvery-grey with a white chin, bib, and paws.  He’s generally a very quiet boy who makes an occasional, endearing, inquisitive “Hmmm?”.  He’ll sit with you, play with his brother, and happily observe his surroundings like a wise-beyond-his-years kitty.

Louie has longer fur that is mostly black with some silver tufts, he’s a handsome boy!  He likes to sleep on his own, then plays with you or his brother when he decides “it’s time!”.  He loves batting around his toys, climbing up high, and generally being adorable.

Linus and Louie are super affectionate and seem to do well with everyone who handles them.  They are closely bonded and are being adopted as a pair.  They have been neutered, tested, vaccinated, and microchipped.  A voucher for a free vet visit is included with their adoption.

Please call Janet for more information:  805-458-6994