Sir is a sweet and healthy, 10-year old, neutered orange tabby. Feline Network is assisting his current owner in finding him a long-term, cat-loving home. He would love a home to call his own as he has had several homes in the recent past and would love to have some stability.

Sir will do wonderfully well in an inside-only home, or in a safe area where he will be able to have some outside time. If you work in the garden, he will be your assistant, playing follow the leader and never leaving your side. Sir likes to park himself in sinks and bathtubs, and he is also a cuddler.  On movie night he will insist on being part of the family whether that means a party of just your and him, or if a larger group he will be in the middle! 

Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for more info.