These special sisters were found abandoned shortly after their birth and were found close to death.

They weighed but ounces when they were rescued.

Tiny Tina & Puddin both have very sweet and loving personalities.

These also have special needs and will require a cat savvy home, that understands this.

Tiny Tina and Puddin have some hesitation in their back legs.

This limits them ever so slightly but is noticeable and ongoing in both of them.

Tina tends to wag her tail like a dog while Puddin follows her around most of the day.

They play like any other kittens.

They run and jump and rough house.

The vet feels that it is a genetic issue.

As they get older and grow, it may become less of a problem.

They are incredibly adaptable and are learning how to compensate more every day, and they are doing incredible.

Due to this limitation, they will need to remain as inside only cats in a quiet understanding home as fleeing fast is not an option for them.

Tina chirps like a bird to call her sister when not in view.

Since they are very bonded, they need to stay together and will only be adopted as a PAIR.

Please consider these kittens if you can offer a long term cat-loving inside only home for them.

All of our rescues are vet cleared, tested for diseases, and fixed prior to adoption.

A nominal rehoming fee applies, and included in their adoption is a FREE first vet visit voucher.

Please call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 for more information.