These magical furbabies are for sure the next level of adorable!

Please consider one or a pair of these outgoing fluffballs as new family members.

We have a beautiful combination of both long hair and short-haired, both boys & girls, and we are confident one of these will fit your fancy.

This litter was rescued and has been fostered with an active family with other cats and is also dog-friendly.

These kittens will do best in a home with another adult cat, or with one of their siblings that they are very bonded to.

These furbabies run to you and purr loudly if they even think you might want to pick them up and love on them.

We have taken adoption to a new level as these kittens have been vet cleared, fixed, tested and are up to date on vaccinations. Litter box perfect as well.  Ready Now.

We are looking for long term cat-loving homes!

Call Roxanne for details (805) 801-5232