This brother and sister duo are stunners.
Rescued and about four months old, this pair has plush medium to longer wispy cream and orange coats and ear tufts similar to those seen on a Maine Coon cat. They also have amber eyes and large white feet!
Bob & Judy have been vet checked, fixed and are up to date on vaccinations.
Please consider this dynamic duo if you can offer a loving long term home.
Bob is still a shy boy, but coming around nicely with lots of love.
Judy is the outgoing social butterfly of the pair, and will instantly win your heart.
She’s a snuggle seeker and will find your lap quickly!
Bob will be a bit more reserved with his affection, but once he knows you are one of the good guys, he will seek you out as well.
They would do best in a quieter home.
We include a free first vet visit voucher with their adoption.
Rehoming fee for this bonded pair is only $80.00.
Call Roxanne for info (805) 801-5232