Meet Yoda and Leia, brother and sister pair who are ready for their forever home. They have been to 3 adopt a pet events and seem to get overlooked because they are black kitties 😦

They came into the Feline Network foster care found as frightened and skinny kittens in a mobile home park in the south county area, but now are sweet, healthy and very playful kids. They are also showing signs of being very good hunters.

Yoda is named for his ears, his ears have always been large and he moves them up and down depending on how he is sensing the room. He starts purring before he is touched and he flops his body on the floor to get pets or to play. He loves to sit in laps for pets and will take long naps while there. Yoda has also become a very good “baby sitter” for the younger kittens in the foster home. He is very gentle with them and loves to play with them. He is also a big character and loves to play in bags and play in the bathtub.

Leia is a more independent girl, she likes her space, but when she is napping, she loves to be petted, but when awake she likes to be admired. She loves to play with Yoda, they wrestle, chase and entertain each other all day long. Leia makes these cute chirping noises when she is playing with her toys and chasing Yoda. She is a beauty and gives hours of kitty entertainment:)

These kitties have wonderful litter box habits, love their scratching towers and play for hours with all of their cat toys. They both show signs of being very good hunters too!

4 months old, spayed/neutered, tested, vaccinated and ready for a loving home.

Call Roxanne for adoption info, 805-801-5232