Meet these 4 babes that were rescued from various sad situations…
Maxine is a black/white, sweet, and affectionate female kitten — also of course very active and playful — and would very much like another cat/kitten friend to play with.  Casey, a sleek beautiful black lover-boy, is very gentle and affectionate … loves to be held close and nuzzled.  Funny Scamp is a male orange tabby. He loves to be petted but not crazy about being held YET! He is playful and good with other cats.  Finally there is Felix who is affectionate and also likes to be held close. He is playful but seems to have a quieter disposition than the other kittens. He looks just like Maxine, though they are not related.
Though none of these little ones are related, they’ve all become fast friends, so FEEL FREE to adopt two!  Little ones like these are fantastic to adopt in pairs!  It helps them adapt better to their new home… they are great entertainment (for one another and for their new family!), they tire each other out, and they generally become life-long buddies.  Please consider it!
All Feline Network cats/kittens have been fixed, tested, and are up-to-date on vaccinations. Rehoming fee is nominal, and we include a FREE first vet-check voucher.  
Contact Roxanne for more information at (805) 801-5232.