Mack and Joy are a brother and sister team that Feline Network has had in foster care since October.
They are stunning sweet tabby kittens, but very shy.
They would do well in a calm house with supportive and patient human(s).
While they are nervous when exposed to something new they are very interested in other animals, especially other cats.
We think these kittens were born in late August and are between 4 to 5 months old.
Joy will grow up to be a petite  cat, while Mack will be much larger.
They do enjoy each other and would do well as a team.
However, they have been separated in the past and would also do well in a home by themselves, as long as there is another cat who could accept them into the fold.
If you are up to taking on these sweet kittens we would love to hear from you.
Please be a cat loving long term home!
Feline Network kittens have been fixed, tested and are up to date on their kitten vaccinations.
We also include a FREE FIRST VET VISIT VOUCHER with every adoption.
Call Roxanne for more information