star wars
May the Force Be With You!
These 3 beautiful 7 month old rescued kitties are ready for their own planet, galaxy or spaceship!
They are sweet and affectionate, love to be petted and have excellent kitty box habits.
They are shy at first with strangers, but warm quickly.
They are very playful, but very gentle kitties, they spend their mornings playing, their afternoons basking in the earths sunshine and their evenings playing and hanging out with their humans.
About Us:
Wookiee is a male gray tabby.
Wookiee is gentle giant, friendly and plays well with the other kitties.
He loves to be petted and loves to play.
Wookie spends his afternoons looking out the window and watching the flora and fauna and taking in the earths sunshine.  He is easy to purr and is a Wookiee Warrior when it comes to wet food.
Princess Leia is a black female.
She is a champion of the rebel court!
She likes to sit or lay next to you.
She loves to play chase and play hide and seek in the bathtub, using the shower curtain to hide from her playmate enemies.  She loves spending time looking out the window and laying in the earths sunshine.  Easy to purr, playful and gentle kitty.
Rey is a gray female tabby.
She is gentle and friendly, with a strong notion of the force within her.
She tends to hold back when the others are playing hard, but loves to play if the others are being more gentle.
She spends solo time on her own, but would love to have another friendly kitty in the household (one of her siblings would work). Very easy to purr and gentle girl.
Our kittens are vet checked, tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia, fixed and up to date on their kitten vaccines.
Nominal re-homing fee applies, and with that we include a FREE FIRST VET VISIT voucher.
Call Roxanne for details (805) 801-5232