Tilly is a darling, very animated short haired tuxedo female.
She is older than she looks, likely from a very rough start and being rescued from under a car.
Tilly was recently rescued by Feline Network, and she will be looking for her new home soon.
If you are familiar with having a special needs cat, please consider this super sweet kitten.
Tilly is totally deaf, and will rely on her human guardians to keep her safe and inside only.
Please no homes with small children. Despite being deaf, she manages to run around the house and rule the roost!
Her ears may not be perfect, but the rest of her certainly is. She has an amazing heart and terrific cat-itude!
By the time she is ready for adoption she will have been spayed and cleared by the vet.
With her nominal rehoming fee also comes a voucher for a FREE First Vet Visit Voucher.
Please call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232