This fabulous family was rescued by Feline Network, and are currently being fostered.

Our non-profit rescue group has taken all of the work out of rehoming a cat or kitten.
They have been vet checked, fixed, etc and are up to date on vaccinations!
Litter box perfect too.

Please consider:
tigger.PNGMama Cat- Tigger- very playful and talkative. Super sweet. She likes everyone 🙂
Exotic Tabby markings.
Tigger will do best in an inside outside home that is in as safe of an area as possible. Ideally with a safe cat-fenced yard, cattery, or property with an excellent track record for having been a haven for a cat for many years safely without predator issues.

Meet the Babies: 11 weeks old.

AJ- for Action Jackson. Crazy & Wild. All black, with stunning eyes.

Diamond- male tabby – diamond patterned back. Very sweet.

Shadow- he has a shadow of tabby stripes in his black fur. He is the largest in the litter.

Button- She is the only female. She loves her big brothers too. She likes to attack your buttons and chew on them.
Very sweet & snuggly.

Call Roxanne for details (805) 801-5232