I am Micky short for Michelangelo.
Why? I live with 3 other kittens who spilled the water on the fresh litter and when my foster mom came home she discovered my foot prints were all over the place. I’m an artist I told her.
I am all gray (Russian Blue appearing)  with very thick plush-like fur.
I was born feral and abandoned and initially very afraid but this feline rescue group (registered non-profit)  took me in and you would not know my history by my behavior now.
I love chicken and I love getting petted.
Playing with felt mice and cat napping in a sunny spot are my hobbies.
At my recent vet visit, I was neutered, and we also found out at that time that I tested “mildly positive” for the antibodies for Feline Leukemia. The test is very sensitive and does yield a percentage of false positives.
I could beat this or not really even have it- but just in case I should not be with other cats.
Mickey, is seeking a loving longterm in-side only home, where he can live out his life to it’s fullest.
Please give him the chance he deserves.
He has a lot of love and joy to give!
We will follow up with a retest in another month.
Adopting Mickey will require a compassionate heart and a mindset that is understanding of caring for a cat that may have special needs.
Email, call or text Roxanne <roxbohn@charter.net>
(805) 801-5232 for more information.