Recent scientific studies conducted by the University of Minnesota have found that having a cat living in our homes can be of great benefit: cats have real therapeutic powers.  So much so, that they can even make us live longer!
If you are wanting longevity, then consider adopting this purr-fect pair of very bonded- super healthy and sweet 12 week old brothers.
Feline Network of the Central Coast is striving to find them a longterm home together.
Mendel is the amber eyed gray kitten,  and the black amber eyed kitten is Galileo.
Mendel & Galileo are very smart, adventurous and love to explore!
They race up and down the hallways playing keep away and soccer with any items that they can get to move.
They like to nap on laps and are always together.
This pair is cuddly and loving.
*Also dog friendly and adore other cats.
Please call or text Roxanne (805) 801-5232 today for more information.