3 little kittens are now available for adoption.
Feline Network of the Central Coast rescued them with a total litter of NINE!
Nine lives, forever changed, along withe the families that will ultimately adopt them!

They have been bottle fed, and nursed & loved-on back to great health.
These 3 are the last to be adopted from their litter & they are very bonded.
We would LOVE someone to consider adopting a pair of them, or if at all possible all three.
All of them will at the very least need a young cat buddy in their new home!
It’s just what they are used to.

These 3 were the most malnourished and the most delicate, and took a while to get to a strong healthy condition.
They are SUPER social and definitely cannot go to a home where one would be alone.
If they find themselves in a room alone they will cry.
They do great playing with each other or if they are with people but not alone.
They are always waiting for a hug and a snuggle.
They LOVE my big dog and my 3 adult cats.


Colette (gray and white female, the gray on her nose is more a a single stripe) is a bit more adventurous and mischievous; she likes to explore. One of her favorite past times is hiding and quickly and sneakily bats at anything that walks by.

Murray (all black male) is very sweet, patient, quiet boy.
He always sits patiently and waits for his turn to be pet or fed but when wrestling one-on-one with his siblings…look out-the panther in him comes out!

Clem (light orange male) is a complete gem!
He came as the runt (both he and Murray were the itty bitties) and it seems he might think he is a human.
He LOVES people and will go look for someone to hang out with.
If he can’t find anyone he will bring a sock or slipper to suffice.
If there is not a human close by a sibling is the next best thing.

All of these kittens are vet checked, tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia (all negative) and litter box literate.
A small rehoming fee applies, but included in your adoption is a FREE first vet visit voucher.

Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232