This may not be Disneyland but we are going to make their forever home be their theme park!

These delightful diva’s are ready for their forever home!
Ariel & Ursula have long super soft black and silver hair.
They were rescued together, and they are VERY BONDED & can’t be split up.
Ariel & Ursula are always together, with Ariel being the ring leader!
Ursula is the shy one that has to be coaxed by Ariel to be more of an explorer.
Ariel takes her big sister job very seriously, and can be seen overseeing Ursula throughout the day.
These girls love to play with cat toys, and cuddle when they have spent all of their energy.
Ariel & Ursula both love to hang out with the family, especially when we are playing board games or cards.
They delight in moving the game pieces on the board, or knowing over stacks of cards!
Ariel & Ursula LOVE cat treats and come running when they hear the rustle of the cat treat bag!
They have been vet checked, spayed, and are up to date on their vaccinations.
Perfect litter box manners too!
This foster family has prepared them for their forever home.
They are fine with children, dogs and other cats.
Please be a long term cat loving home.
Call Roxanne (805) 801-5232 to see these Disney Diva’s!