Looking for someone VERY special for this stunning girl.
Likely you will need her as much as she needs you!
Lindy is an EXCELLENT candidate for being an emotional support animal, as she connects deeply to her person.
Lindy is a 2-3 years old blue eyed, Siamese mix.
She has been a long-term foster (here) in a home that does TONS of rescue work for Feline Network.
We love her very much – but our old Bengal does NOT love her.
This is creating a real problem.

This girl loves women (me) but also women in general.
She also is great with my son.
She is ok with select (few) men.
She is very chatty.
Fetches like a dog.
Is fine with our male cats.
It is easy to clip her nails but she will scratch furniture and carpets (will also eagerly use a scratching post).
Prefers clumping litter over the pine pellets.
She loves cat treats but not table scraps.

Has a carb addiction -loves her crunchy Royal Canin.

She will follow her person around the house and chat-lives for a quiet household with a person that will sit for long periods of time with her.
Lindy is also a great bed snuggler!

Lindy would do best with a woman, in a quiet home where she is home more than she is gone!
A special someone tired of being alone, who wants a really sweet companion cat.
Please consider this very deserving young cat.

Call Roxanne for more info (805) 801-5232