Checkers and Dapple Gray are beautiful 6-year-old cats that have been bonded their entire life and are looking for a loving home together.   They were first rescued by Feline Network six years ago from a dire situation where there were many feral cats and kittens.  They were ultimately placed in a beautiful home, but over the last year and a half they have been terrorized by “bully cats” and took to hiding in the garage for safety.  Somewhat timid by nature, they were afraid to either go in the house or out in the yard, refusing to leave the garage.  The owners loved them dearly but felt sorry for them.  A rescue foster home has taken them in and is looking for a new home with someone who is willing to help them trust again.

Checkers is a big, 20-pound boy.  He is a gentle giant with not a mean bone in his body.   He is somewhat like a dog.  He would like to lie next to you and watch TV, or be on your lap.  He will frequently roll on his back and offer his belly for rubs or just lay at your feet.
Dapple Gray is playful and a bit more elusive.  For some time she will probably only allow herself to be pet in her safe spots….but in those spots she adores affection.  She too rolls around to be petted.   She is adorable and silky soft.  She wants interaction and follows you with her eyes, hoping you will give her the time she needs to feel safe.
At first Checkers and Dapple will be gun-shy of new sights, sounds and people.   We are looking for a calm, quiet home with someone who is patient and understanding and can see past their fear.  Ideally someone who has worked with these sort of cats in the past. They promise to reward that special someone with total love and affection. They have been vet checked and are healthy, and up to date on vaccines. We will only adopt this pair together.
        Please call Roxanne for more information (805) 801-5232