Abigail and Pumpkin


Abigail (female), left, and Pumpkin (male), right, are 6 month old siblings and are two of the nicest cats we’ve had in our ten years of fostering for the Feline Network.  They are sweet, playful, loving, and funny to watch.  Neither are high energy kitties and are content being indoor only.  They quite honestly have no bad habits.  They would do best in a quiet home that matches their calm personalities.  Abigail and Pumpkin have luxurious coats of dense, soft fur.  Abigail’s is longer while Pumpkin’s is shorter.  You’ll want to pet them forever.  Both have big beautiful tails.  Abigail is a special needs kitten in that she has the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).  FIV typically causes a weakening of the cat’s immune system so they are more prone to getting infections such as upper respiratory infection or dental disease.  Other than that, FIV-positive cats tend to live fairly normal lives, and although their lifespan is unpredictable, some cats even live out a normal life span.  The FIV virus is not easily transmitted and is mainly spread to other cats through a deep bite wound.  Hence, cats that are compatible with one another can live together without fear of spreading the disease.  That is why we chose not to separate Abigail and Pumpkin.  Casual contact such as sharing food bowls or snuggling is unlikely to cause transmission of the disease.  FIV is specific to cats and cannot be transmitted to humans or dogs.  Abigail and Pumpkin must be kept indoors and should be the only cats in the household.  If you are interested in learning more about Abigail and Pumpkin, please contact Christine at 805-544-6138.


Midge1 Midge has kind of a sad story, and we are quite puzzled by this cute-as-a-button baby doll.  She was found in a truck trailer and had been living with homeless people.  She does not move quickly, loves to sit near her trusted person and gets very silly/purrful and cuddly when she has quiet alone-time with her trusted person.  She must have been forced to hold still and stay calm/quiet for long periods of time, or she is just a kitten that is unusually calm.  She will play a little, but she is not the kind of kitten that wants to socialize or play with other kittens, and she certainly is not a curtain terrorist.  We are looking for the right individual who can make this baby SMILE.  She seems a little depressed and hard to reach.  She feels so good to cuddle though once you have her in your arms that you won’t be able to help but want to win her over as her trusted person.  Midge has beautiful markings and a healthy, solid almost Dutch bunny feel to her little body.  She is a little shy but not feral in any way.  She is a good eater and has purrfect house cat manners.  We know she will thrive in the right situation–a calm household with perhaps one adult cat or no other pets at all. Midge has been spayed, vaccinated, wormed and feline tested negative.  Call Lynette to discuss whether or not your home is going to now be her home too!  805-556-0717


Gracie and Dylan

DSCN2418 DSCN2431 DSCN2432 DSCN2420These two wonderful black kittens are the siblings of Elvis, Paw Paw, Sonny and Bowie.  Gracie, the female, is the smallest.  One of them is also polydactyl (extra toes).  They have been raised in a loving foster home with other cats and dogs.  They will be at our next adopt-a-cat at Petco in San Luis Obispo on November 1, 2014, from 11:00 until 3:00 p.m.


DSCN2424 DSCN2434  Bowie is an orange male tabby kitten who has been raised in a loving foster home with other cats and dogs.  His brothers, Elvis, Paw Paw and Sonny have been adopted.  He will be available for adoption at our next adopt-a-cat at Petco in the Madonna Shopping Center on November 1, 2014, from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.


DSCN2416 DSCN2428Smokey is a large, handsome 2 year old male long-haired cat who was recently returned to the Feline Network.  He is very affectionate and playful.  He loves to be petted and lay across your lap for stroking.  He will be a little shy at first in a new home but will make a very loving companion.  Call Christine at 805-544-6138 if you would like to meet Smokey.


DSCN2423 DSCN2442Olive is a sweet little kitten who gets along really well with older cats, little kittens and dogs.  She can be very mellow and playful–she is the perfect combination.  Call Deanne if you are interested in adopting Olive.  805-471-8162


Yeti1theboys4 Yeti is big on looks, strong on love and has unusual markings and eye color.  He is a melt-in-your-arms kind of guy.  Chatty, playful and has passed all of his good kitty 101 classes with straight A’s!  He gets along well with other adult cats and foster kittens.  He is curious about the Labrador Retriever in his foster home, and he is great with the seven year old boy.  He has been vaccinated, feline combo tested, wormed and neutered and is ready to go to his new home.  Please call Julie at 610-306-1662 if you are interested in adopting him.


Momma Cat and her kitten

Erika'smommycat1 Erika'sfosterkitten Erika'smommycat2This momma cat is AMAZING.  She is docile, gentle and can be carried like a baby.  She is good with children and other cats, and it would be wonderful if she could be adopted with her last kitten, a female torbi.  The mom is approximately 1.5 years old.  Call Julie at 610-306-1662 if you are interested in adopting one or both of these beautiful cats.

Gemma and Loki

Gemma1 Loki Gemma2These kittens were part of a group of kittens who were dumped behind Marshall’s in Arroyo Grande.  Gemma is the torbi and white female, and Loki is her black and white brother.  Gemma has unusual markings, is very pretty, but is quite shy.  She is o.k. to handle and very playful but probably won’t race right up to a stranger first thing.  In time she will be a wonderful companion kitty; she just needs a quiet home that will handle her frequently.  Loki is outgoing, friendly and confident.  Both of these kittens have been altered, tested for disease and vaccinated.  They are about 10 weeks old and ready for their new families.  Call Julie if you are interested in adopting one of these kittens 610-306-1662.


Theodora1 Theodora2Theodora is a torbi female kitten who was “rescued” by a passer by who heard her screaming from an Animal Services truck.  Apparently, that person contacted the Feline Network and asked us to spring her from Animal Services.  Theodora is a confident, feisty and independent kitten.  She lives for chicken and adores the 8 year old child in her foster home.  Please call Julie at 805-452-3621 if you are interested in adopting Theodora.


DSCN2363DSCN2393Chaos is a four year old male cat with one eye who has lived with two kids, a 3 year old and a 5 year old.  He is sweet and friendly.  His owner left town and left him behind.  He is an indoor cat and has been very well behaved in his foster home.  He took his shot, pill and nail trim with no cat drama.  His original name was Chaos, but you can give him a new name.  He just needs love.  Please call Lynette at 805-556-0717 if you are interested in adopting him.

Alice and her kittens: Olivia, Romeo and Phylis


Alice Alice'skitten1 Alice'skitten3 Alice'skitten2 Alice'skitten4

newlitterandmom3Romeo,Juliette,Olivia,PhylisThis blue/cream tortishell and white mother cat is approximately two years old, VERY friendly and cuddly and easy to handle.  She is o.k. with other cats and adores people.  You can cradle her like a baby, and she purrs and is chatty. The talkative babies are about seven weeks old.  Romeo, the orange and white long-haired one, is the only male. Juliette is the blue and white long-haired female (Juliette has been adopted).  Olivia is the blue and cream torti and white short-haired female.  Phylis is a brown tabby and white short-haired female.  Please call Julie at 610-306-1662 if you are interested in adopting one or more of these kittens or their mom.

Ava, Wesley and Stanley

Wesleystanley2 DSCN2401 DSCN2402 DSCN2352 DSCN2349 DSCN2344Lynette'stabbykitten1 These kittens were living like waifs–skin and bones, filthy, flea-ridden and terrified of human contact when they were first brought to us.  They were rescued from the Tally Ho creek area.  Rags to riches stories make the effort of The Feline Network so worthwhile–this happy bunch are ready for their purr ever homes and have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, wormed and combo tested negative for FELV/FIV.  What a joy to see happy, healthy social kittens several weeks after they were rescued from the creek.  Clearly not a shy one in the bunch.   Ava is an all black female kitten, Wesley is a male black kitten with a white dot, and Stanley is a tabby kitten.  These three siblings are lovers, players and just plain sweet.  They are ready for their purrfect homes.  The black and white kitten is Bomber who has been adopted.  Call Lynette if you are interested in adopting Ava, Wesley or Stanley.  805-556-0717

Ramus and Romulus



Ramus, Romulus&TheodoraTwin identical black male kittens look like little black sun bears.  They are ROUND, cuddly and very easy going. They will be amazing companion kitties.  They have been bottle-raised and are almost ready for adoption.  They are pictured here with Theodora, a tabby, who is also available for adoption.  Call Julie if you are interested in adopting any of these kittens.  805-452-3621

Fern and Violet



Fern (black and white with a dot on her nose) is cute as a button, loving and playful.  She purrs up a storm when snuggled or scratched on her back.  She gets along well with other cats.  She has been introduced to small dogs but is not yet comfortable with them.  Violet (black and white) is more of an observer but when comfortable, plays like crazy.  She loves chasing string.  She would be very happy with a litter mate or another friendly cat in the home or lots of attention from her owner.  She has also been introduced to small dogs but is not yet comfortable with them.   Call Lynette at 805-556-0717 if you are interested in adopting one of these cute kittens.

Harvey and Oliver


Harvey (grey and white) is a sweet and outgoing kitten who loves to explore.  He is very friendly and loves to play with his brother, Oliver.  Oliver (orange tabby) is an adorable and affectionate little guy.  Once he gets to know you, he loves to snuggle up and purr.  Both Oliver and his brother, Harvey, are best friends with the dogs in their foster home.  Contact Rebecca at 805-264-3596 if you are interested in adopting Harvey or Oliver.


DSCN2194DSCN2120 DSCN2152 Bob is a beautiful orange and white neutered male Manx kitty who likes to be held but is still a bit shy and needs some TLC.  He has a little 2-inch tail and a “heart” on his left shoulder.  He lives with other cats and dogs in his foster home.  He is with Tabitha in this picture, and she has been adopted.


Sweetie 7-18-2014Sweetie is a gentle, indoor kitty who suffered brain damage while being spayed.  She has lived with her senior owner for two years, but now the owner is in a senior care facility and cannot take care of Sweetie.  Please think about giving Sweetie a permanent indoor home.  She is gentle and walks with a pronounced limp.  Her back legs sometimes buckle underneath her.  She does not run and has limited climbing ability.  She would be a great indoor pet for anyone who wants a calm, loving and pet-able cat.   Please call Tom at  Hay Printing  at 805-772-3947 if you would like to give Sweetie a loving home.

Calico Manx and her Manx kitten

DSCN2062DSCN2045 This calico Manx mom is very beautiful and friendly and has a two inch tail that wags like a dog’s.  Her little male orange and white kitten also has a short tail and is a little shy but likes to be carried around and with a little more love will be a sweetheart.  He has medium length hair.  Please call Lynette at 805-556-0717 if you are interested in adopting one or both of them.DSCN2046


Apollo and Alley Oop

DSCN1977DSCN1980DSCN1874 DSCN1192DSCN1098Apollo is a male medium-hair orange and white cat who is in the pink bed.  His brother, Alley Oop, is also orange and white and is in the dark blue bed.  Alley Oop has short hair and more white on his body than Apollo.  They are both friendly, sweet, active young cats who are living peacefully with dogs in their foster home.  Call Annie at 805-473-1355 if you are interested in adopting Apollo or Alley Oop.

Yard and Garage Cats

Do you want to rid your yard or garage of pesky critters? Our hardworking felines will scare them away in no time. Then they will look beautiful in your space as they keep patrol.

We have spayed/neutered healthy cats with shots that may be skittish but need safe homes with some kind of shelter from the elements. Feed and water them daily and they won’t let you down.