Daryl and Dexter

Daryl and Dexter2 Daryl and Dexter1 Daryl and Dexter3

Daryl and Dexter are almost identical except Daryl is a little bit smaller than his big brother.  Both boys are playful, joyful, love cats and love to cuddle, purr and investigate everything.  Their current human parents love them very much but aren’t able to keep them because they are too playful for the grandma kitty in the house.  The devoted brothers are approximately 9 months old.  They are still playful and fun but past the super crazy wild kitten stage.  These twin boys were bottle raised by a member of The Feline Network, and they are very special. Please call Julie at 610-306-1662 if you are interested in Daryl and Dexter.

Rascal and Celeste

DSCN2624DSCN2626Rascal and Celeste are brother and sister kittens who love to be held and petted but are shy kitties and would do best in a quieter home.  They were rescued by the homeless shelter in San Luis Obispo, CA.  They are about 4 months old and would like to be adopted together. Celeste is a tabby, and Rascal is black.   Call Christine at 805-544-6138 for more information about Rascal and Celeste.

Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson 2Mr. Johnson1Mr. Johnson2

Look no further…this blue-eyed bombshell boy is over the top on fabulous.  He is a flame point Ragdoll wannabe.  He is better than any young kitten; the wait is over.  You can not ask for a better fur companion.  Mr. Johnson has it ALL.  Extreme good looks, gentle disposition, can carry on a conversation (complaints are held to a minimum), and he is the kind of man that really understands a woman who has had a hard week/day at the office–you name it.  Mr. Johnson is your guy!  This boy has had a really rough go of it.  He was somebody’s baby once…became neglected…was led a stray…ended up at a HIGH KILL SHELTER…and it was his turn for the needle when a kind person realized that he should not be the next statistic.  Thankfully, this great cat is alive today–healthy and ready for his new chance at a purrever home.  Please consider Mr. Johnson as the guy you wish to come home to at night.  He will take the stress out of your life; he is easy to talk to, forgiving, huggable and drop-dead gorgeous!  Mr. Johnson is approximately 4 years old, has been neutered, feline tested, and is parasite free.  He is a BIG guy, but do not let that scare you–more to love and snuggle–and he does like to be schnuggled…and brushed and carried around like a baby.  Thank you for considering a happily ever after with this great fella!  For more information on how to score on this great catch, please call Julie at 610-306-1662.

Coraline and Rocky

Coraline Rocky Coraline loves Rockyrocky2coraline2Coraline is a special kitten.  She arrived at the shelter very sick.  She was picked up by the rescue because no one else knew she was even there.  After a long while getting over her illness with the help of wonderful medical friends, she recovered her good health and cat-titude, and she got to do typical kitten things.  She is a little lady now full of fun and activity.  She would love a little kitten play pal but will play with adult cats, too.  At the moment, she is growing, eating and playing.  The world is too much fun to sit still!  Of course, she loves any toy, especially wand toys.  She wants to be brushed, too.  She is a seal point long-haired female teenage kitten.

Rocky lost his bonded litter mate in the shelter, and he struggled with loneliness until he was rescued.  He’s a high energy, extremely affectionate (purrs constantly) and playful kitten.  He follows you around like a puppy because he does not want to leave your side.  He gives kisses.  He’s full of life and love and has no bad habits or health issues.  He needs to have kitty friends to play with and bond to.  He is currently housed with another foster kitten but is very amiable to other cats and gets along with anyone.  He would love to be adopted with Coraline.

For more information on these kittens, please call Linda at 661-889-4694.


Sadie aka Gem Gem Stone 1

Gem is a 3-1/2 year old darling cat with shiny black, silky fur that is soft to the touch.  She is very curious and smart and loves to play.  She throws her toys around and over her head and never tires of chasing them down.  She loves human company and gets a bit lonely without it.  She loves to “check in” on her foster mom, follow her around, come up and make contact, maybe rub up against her or give her a little lick and then go contentedly off on her own.  Although she is not a lap cat, she is a great companion cat.

Gem was rescued by the Feline Network as a kitten and lived in a foster home until she was adopted at two years of age.  She was around other cats and some dogs as a kitten, and we think she would love some animal companionship, although she would have to make that adjustment again.

Gem’s new owner had to suddenly move out of state after Gem had lived with her just a year and a half.  At first, Gem was left alone in a house for a few weeks before being “rescued” again by the Feline Network.  We are looking for a permanent, loving home for Gem with a special someone.  Unfortunately, people often overlook black cats, opting instead for cats who are more “colorful.”  Our experience is that black cats often have wonderful personalities and make great pets.  They tend to be some of the friendliest cats.  We hope someone who loves black cats or someone with a kind heart will consider giving Gem a home.  She is in a space that is too confining at present and is ready to move into a home of her own.  Please take a chance on this gem. She has been spayed, tested and vaccinated and vet-certified to be in excellent health.

Please call Ann at 805-783-2643 if you would like to learn more about Gem.


DSCN2512 DSCN2509

Mario is an orange and white tabby kitten.  He is super friendly and good with dogs.  He would do best in an indoor-only home.  Call Virginia at 909-532-2844 if you are interested in adopting Mario.  He is pictured here with Jax, a tabby, who has been adopted.



Peach2 Peach4 Peach5

Peach is a darling, rare female redhead.  She is a little shy at first but loves to wrestle and play with the other kittens in her foster home.  She loves to play with string toys, crackling tunnels and mice toys.  A perfect home would have someone who has the time and patience to work with and love this sweet girl.  She is around 3 months old now.  She is o.k. with dogs and is ready to be your companion kitty!  Please call Virginia at 909-532-2844 if you are interested in Peach. Indoor homes only, please.


Toby1 Toby is a short-haired female spayed tabby cat.  She has had a rough life.  Rescued from Animal Services two years ago with her litter of five kittens, she was a very young mom.  She was such a sweet mommy cat, and although a little cautious at times with new humans, she was very affectionate and loved to be included in petting sessions.  She was adopted with one of her female kittens into a quiet home, kept indoors only, and over time, she started becoming aggressive toward her kitten and demanded to go outdoors.  Against the owner’s belief to allow her outdoors, she slowly started letting her out.  Over time, Toby started becoming OUTDOORS ONLY because she was so nasty to her now teenage kitten.  Allowing Toby inside became intolerable for that reason.  Toby has perfect litter box habits.  She wants to come indoors.  It is really sad to know that she is living like a street cat, only fed when she cries at the back door.  Food has to be picked up due to wildlife. She is hungry and very lonely.  She defends her “turf” on a nightly basis.  This is not the life she deserves.  Toby has been outdoors for over a year now, begging to come in and getting beat up by neighbor cats.  She is really in a bad place.  She desperately needs a safe home.  A home that understands her.  A home that will give her the space, time and love she needs to begin to trust again.  She would probably be great as an indoor cat with some outdoor time–as long as her outdoor time is in a safe area.  PLEASE NO COYOTE FOOD.  This cat deserves a forever home.  Her foster mom is heartbroken that this cat has been tossed away.  She will have her up to date on vaccines, feline tested (again due to being outdoors), and she will be house-cat ready.  Toby would be best suited in a home that understands cats, no small children and no other pets.  Adoption fee will be waived.  Please call if you have it in your heart to give this young lady a real life. 610-306-1662

Abigail and Pumpkin


abigailandpumpkin2Abigail (female), left, and Pumpkin (male), right, are 6 month old siblings and are two of the nicest cats we’ve had in our ten years of fostering for the Feline Network.  They are sweet, playful, loving, and funny to watch.  Neither are high energy kitties and are content being indoor only.  They quite honestly have no bad habits.  They would do best in a quiet home that matches their calm personalities.  Abigail and Pumpkin have luxurious coats of dense, soft fur.  Abigail’s is longer while Pumpkin’s is shorter.  You’ll want to pet them forever.  Both have big beautiful tails.  Abigail is a special needs kitten in that she has the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).  FIV typically causes a weakening of the cat’s immune system so they are more prone to getting infections such as upper respiratory infection or dental disease.  Other than that, FIV-positive cats tend to live fairly normal lives, and although their lifespan is unpredictable, some cats even live out a normal life span.  The FIV virus is not easily transmitted and is mainly spread to other cats through a deep bite wound.  Hence, cats that are compatible with one another can live together without fear of spreading the disease.  That is why we chose not to separate Abigail and Pumpkin.  Casual contact such as sharing food bowls or snuggling is unlikely to cause transmission of the disease.  FIV is specific to cats and cannot be transmitted to humans or dogs.  Abigail and Pumpkin must be kept indoors and should be the only cats in the household.  If you are interested in learning more about Abigail and Pumpkin, please contact Christine at 805-544-6138.

Harvey and Oliver – Adopted!!


Harvey (grey and white) is a sweet and outgoing kitten who loves to explore.  He is very friendly and loves to play with his brother, Oliver.  Oliver (orange tabby) is an adorable and affectionate little guy.  Once he gets to know you, he loves to snuggle up and purr.  Both Oliver and his brother, Harvey, are best friends with the dogs in their foster home.  These cats have been adopted!


Sweetie 7-18-2014Sweetie is a gentle, indoor kitty who suffered brain damage while being spayed.  She has lived with her senior owner for two years, but now the owner is in a senior care facility and cannot take care of Sweetie.  Please think about giving Sweetie a permanent indoor home.  She is gentle and walks with a pronounced limp.  Her back legs sometimes buckle underneath her.  She does not run and has limited climbing ability.  She would be a great indoor pet for anyone who wants a calm, loving and pet-able cat.   Please call Tom at  Hay Printing  at 805-772-3947 if you would like to give Sweetie a loving home.

Apollo and Alley Oop

DSCN1977DSCN1980DSCN1874 DSCN1192DSCN1098Apollo is a male medium-hair orange and white cat who is in the pink bed.  His brother, Alley Oop, is also orange and white and is in the dark blue bed.  Alley Oop has short hair and more white on his body than Apollo.  They are both friendly, sweet, active young cats who are living peacefully with dogs in their foster home.  Call Annie at 805-473-1355 if you are interested in adopting Apollo or Alley Oop.

Yard and Garage Cats

Do you want to rid your yard or garage of pesky critters? Our hardworking felines will scare them away in no time. Then they will look beautiful in your space as they keep patrol.

We have spayed/neutered healthy cats with shots that may be skittish but need safe homes with some kind of shelter from the elements. Feed and water them daily and they won’t let you down.